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  • “Damn Few” by Rorke Denver

    DAMN FEW by Rorke Denver

    So Don T Tread and L Green Steelhead talked a bit about the books people read or will read for the New Year.

    The first one I’ve started is “Damn Few” by Rorke Denver. It’s a book that deals with his history, in an autobiographical format, of his career with the SEALs and his time as an author.

    The book is well written, easy to follow, and gives you a pretty good insight into how these elite solidiers work.

    Say what we will about our government, but these guys hold true to traditional ideals and genuinely work as a team.

    As I go through training for my career in public safety, I’m using this book and Denver’s thought processes to get a good foothold, mentally speaking, on not only the training aspects, but the “why” behind them.

    If you’d like, we can open up a discussion about it.

    You can pick up the book here, link is to Aaron Clarey‘s Amazon page.


    Sgt. Jay

    Keep them coming, soldiers! I’ll add them to this category as they arrive. – DT

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