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  • DT’s Digest for June 25, 2015


    The Judicial Branch says “We rule on the letter of the law, not the intent of the law” when it wants to, and says “Our job is to rule on the intent of the law, not the letter of the law” when it wants to. The Executive Branch enforces the laws it wants to enforce, and ignores laws it wants to ignore. The Legislative Branch passes laws to find out what’s in them, says one thing and does another.

    Key quote, according to Drudge: “In this instance, the context and structure of the Act compel us to depart from what would otherwise be the most natural reading of the pertinent statutory phrase”

    Our entire government has been captured. Stick a fork in US, we are well past done.

    GREEK GAME OF CHICKEN CONTINUES – Greece talks end with no deal, to meet in coming days

    June 30, when Greece’s payment to the IMF comes due (which they need to borrow money to make the payment), fast approaches.

    MORE LAWLESS COURTS MAKING LAWLESS ORDERS – How the Feds Asked Me to Rat Out Commenters

    Reason.com and “The Jacket” are heroes.

    UBER-VIOLENT PARIS – Uber protests in Paris: Violent incidents as taxi-drivers take on car-booking firm

    Some people really don’t like freedom. Take away monopolies, violence ensues.


    Social Justice Warriors doing all they can to keep us in the muck and dirt and not reaching for the stars.

    SPLC IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION – Top women in U.S. media scourged in ‘hit list’

    Way to go, Southern Poverty Law Center! “12 Women Against Islam”? If any of these women are beheaded you should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting the enemy.

    “WND asked several women on the list whether they are concerned for their safety after SPLC released their names and personal information such as their birth years, home towns and other identifying information.

    “’With three jihadis dead and two jihadis jailed in attempts to kill me, this is just encouraging more jihadis to come after me – and the other women this communist hate group names,’ Geller told WND. ‘At a time when jihad killers are moving actively against those whom they hate in the U.S., this is a quite literal hit list.’”

    LAWLESSNESS HAS CONSEQUENCES – Authorities: Suspect In Crash That Killed Bob Barry Jr. Previously Deported 3 Times

    Remember how leftists like to say “If it can save just one life, it’s worth it” in regards to banning firearms or other laws they support?

    PURE LAWLESSNESS AND CORRUPTION – Watchdog: IRS workers mistakenly erased tea party emails

    And the Republicans refuse to do anything about it, and are instead giving Obama more power. SMFH.

    THOUGHT-CRIME IS HERE, THE PURGE HAS BEGUN – Jefferson Memorial, Confederate statues enter national race debate

    Our culture and society has gone batshit crazy, and anyone working long hours to pay high taxes is supporting it.

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  • DT’s Digest for Tuesday, June 23, 2015


    The Republican Establishment douchebags absolutely hate Ted Cruz.

    “Why does Republican Leadership always give in to the Democrats? Why does Leadership always disregard the promises made to the conservative grassroots?

    “Enough is enough. I cannot vote for TPA unless McConnell and Boehner both commit publicly to allow the Ex-Im Bank to expire—and stay expired. And, Congress must also pass the Cruz-Sessions amendments to TPA to ensure that no trade agreement can try to back-door changes to our immigration laws. Otherwise, I will have no choice but to vote no.

    “There’s too much corporate welfare, too much cronyism and corrupt dealmaking, by the Washington cartel. For too long, career politicians in both parties have supported government of the lobbyist, by the lobbyist, and for the lobbyist – at the expense of the taxpayers. It’s a time for truth. And a time to honor our commitments to the voters.”

    THE COURT IS IN SESSIONS – Sessions tells GOP to shoot down Obama’s trade bill

    Jeff Sessions has been on the right side the entire time, and pens one last plea for sanity:

    “‘All of this information gives us more than enough basis to slow down and not fast track anything until all of our questions are answered,’ Sessions said in a letter sent to Republican Senate lawmakers on Monday. ‘We should be inherently skeptical of grand designs, too complex to oversee, whose creators can provide no specifics yet pledge utopian results.'”

    JAMES HORNER DEAD AT 61 – James Horner, Film Composer for ‘Titanic’ and ‘Braveheart,’ Dies in Plane Crash

    My all-time favorite film composer. RIP.

    POLITICAL PERSECUTION – Feds Detain At Least One Border Crosser…James O’Keefe!

    Do not embarrass this government, or you will pay the price indefinitely.

    His tweet: “Unbelievable: customs agent just told me they detain me everytime bc of the Osama crossing sting we did. And they’ll continue to do so.”

    CONSERVATIVES ARE SUPERIOR AND JUST BETTER PEOPLE THAN LIBERALS – Why conservatives might be better at dieting than liberals

    So conservatives are better at self-control and believe in free-will and choice? Sounds like superior humans to me.

    SPACE IS AWESOME – ‘Pyramid’ spotted on Ceres: Mysterious lone mountain discovered towering over the surface of the dwarf planet

    Sick of humanity (especially the ones with no self-control and who do not believe in free-will)? Focus on the few humans doing cool shit and exploring space.

    Like these red auroras photos from the space station: Huge solar storm hits Earth: power grid and GPS could be disrupted, but auroras might be seen

    CAN KICKED AGAIN – Europeans raise hopes of Greek deal within 48 hours as Tsipras forced to swallow austerity

    Some pension reforms and VAT increases and the can is kicked yet again.

    MAYBE THEY ARE KILLING US? – WHO unit finds 2,4-D herbicide ‘possibly’ causes cancer in humans

    Score another one for Alex Jones and his “soft kill” theory.


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  • DT’s Digest for Thursday, June 18, 2015

    RACE WAR KEEPS HEATING UP – 9 dead in ‘hate crime’ shooting at historic African American church in Charleston

    What is it with these cowards killing innocent, unarmed people in no way responsible for any societal problems whatsoever? Whites historically have had a thing for attacking those evil black people gathering at church. Blacks play the knockout game on old white people, or only attack when it’s 10 against 1. Terrorists blow up food courts and delis. This is just a horrible story, but I fail to understand how attacking innocent people instead of the source of problems makes sense to these people. It’s cowardice, at heart, which is why we need to all be armed so we’re not perceived as weak and thus targets.

    The mayor of Charleston has other ideas:

    “Hours after the massacre, Riley called for bolstered gun-control laws, saying: ‘I personally believe there are far too many guns out there, and access to guns, it’s far too easy. Our society has not been able to deal with that yet.’

    “A decades-long advocate for gun control, Riley said the the killings were ‘another example of why’ more measures are necessary.”

    HAMILTON KILLED AGAIN – A woman will appear on redesigned $10 bill in 2020. Who will it be?

    The Founding Father who advocated for a central bank will no longer be on our central bank issued currency. Oh, the irony.

    REAP IT, AMERICA – Americans Have Lost Confidence … in Everything

    Ya’ll voted for it. How’s that “Hope and Change” working out for ya?

    PAY CIVIL ENGINEERS MORE – California Water Cuts Leave City Days Away From Running Out Of Water

    “That means Mountain House leaders must find someone to sell them water, hopefully, the GM says, to have enough until the end of the year.

    “’We don’t want this town to become a ghost town, it was a beautiful master-planned community,’ he said.”

    Maybe if you spent more on civil engineers and less on architects and “master planners” you wouldn’t die of dehydration and have to take a shit in latrines.

    Fuck this society. When they get serious about building infrastructure necessary for civilization, I will return to engineering. Until then, society can suck it.

    MISLEADING TITLE – Census Bureau considers dropping ‘race’ from survey

    What, are we actually going to start living in a society where people are judged not by the color of their skin but the content of their character?


    “’We recognize that race and ethnicity are not quantifiable values. Rather, identity is a complex mix of one’s family and social environment, historical or socio-political constructs, personal experience, context, and many other immeasurable factors,’ the Census Bureau noted in a 2013 report on past testing efforts in the 2010 census. The report also recommended continued research on optimizing the use of examples for each racial and ethnic category, among other strategies.”

    POS-POPE – Pope urges revolution to save Earth, fix ‘perverse’ economy

    This man, allegedly just under Jesus Christ in holiness hierarchy, may be The Anti-Christ. I’m sure he’s just trying to be “relevant,” which is oh-so biblical.

    GAME OF GREEK CHICKEN – IMF Warns No Leeway on Payment as Merkel Urges Greece to Bow

    More evidence of potential first domino:

    “While the IMF procedures stretch out over two years, with the ultimate punishment being expulsion from the IMF, credit default swaps on Greece could be triggered at once depending on how the International Swaps and Derivatives Association decides to rule.”

    There are somewhere between $1.5 and $2.5 quadrillion in derivatives worldwide, and any trigger could make the entire system go nuclear.

    And a sovereign debt crisis does affect “the folks” as capital controls are imposed: Greece could be forced to lock down savers’ cash as debt crisis worsens

    ALEX JONES MAY BE RIGHT – Everyday plastics plunge men into fertility crisis

    The West is in decline, and perhaps purposefully engineered.

    BAN CASH? MOVE TO GERMANY – Bundesbank Chief Says “Nein” To Cash Ban

    The Germans just may be superior.

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  • DT’s Digest for Tuesday, June 16, 2015

    HAIL THE KING AND GOD SAVE THE QUEEN – Clinton v Bush: America is getting the dynastic matchup it said it didn’t want

    If 2016 is Bush v Clinton, the foul creature that the USA has become will fully transition into an oligarchy, a monarchy, a fascist dictatorship, whatever rough beast fits best. Hopefully, it will make clear to the zombies of America that voting truly is worthless and a complete waste of time.

    IF IT CAN SAVE JUST ONE LIFE? – 121 murders attributed to illegals released by Obama administration

    You know how piece of shit leftists say “If it saves just one life, it’s worth it” to justify all sorts of intrusive laws and bans, including an unconstitutional ban on firearms? How about enforcing immigration laws that are already there, you fucking scumbags? Oh yeah, that’s right, because of the fucking scumbag oligarchs on the Supreme Court:

    “Under the 2001 Supreme Court ruling known as the Zadvydas case, the U.S. generally cannot detain foreigners longer than six months if their countries won’t accept them. Every year, thousands of immigrants are put back on the streets because of Zadvydas.

    “Republicans have long pressured the State Department — under President George W. Bush and now under President Obama — to use diplomatic tools such as denying visas to top officials try to force other countries to take back their citizens.

    “The Times reported that ICE releases hundreds of Cuban criminals into U.S. communities every year because the island nation refuses to take them back.”

    We are the dumping ground for the world’s filth. And we can’t do anything about it because… racism!

    THANKS, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS – Budget office: U.S. debt picture has ‘worsened dramatically’

    “‘The long-term outlook for the federal budget has worsened dramatically over the past several years, in the wake of the 2007-2009 recession and slow recovery,’ the Congressional Budget Office reported…

    “The Budget Office… projected that the federal debt is set to rise from 74 percent of economic output today to 103 percent by 2040, driven by spending on government healthcare and retirement programs and interest payments on the debt.”

    Here’s where they use “debt” and “deficit” interchangeably to confuse the public and keep us asleep: “Although the long-term budget picture is dark thanks to the anticipated costs of the Baby Boom generation retiring, the federal debt is anticipated to decline for the next few years, thanks partly to spending cuts and tax increases imposed by Congress in recent years.

    No, the current budget DEFICIT of $468 billion per year is anticipated to decline, not the total debt you fucking retards at the Washington Examiner! This interchangeability of terminology allows liars and scum to tell the public “The debt is decreasing.” We will never pay down the total debt. It will perpetually increase. We will be lucky if we can service the debt and make interest payments.

    We are fucked.

    MONKEYS PULLING LEVERS – Fed’s worst nightmare: The ‘ghost of 1937’

    These “wizards of smart” truly do believe they know what they’re doing, when the results of their actions so clearly prove they have no fucking clue what they’re doing.

    Fun fact (that is not mentioned in this idiot piece): FDR confiscated all privately held gold in 1933, and once he figured he had captured as much as possible, raised the fixed price of gold from $20.67 to $35 per ounce, effectively stealing 70% of the wealth of US citizen’s gold. Maybe that little event should factor into your analysis, oh wizards of smart? Maybe apples to apples interest rates are not an accurate comparison back when the US dollar was on a gold standard?

    No, it’s all about that interest rate lever, and if you raise interests rates too soon and actually reward responsible savers (as if just keeping up with inflation is a reward), that might send the economy back into recession.

    I hate banksters. They are destroying our future. Lampposts await the lot of them.

    DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE – Central banks stash cash for unwind shock

    This article is truly a mind fuck. Trying to wrap your brain around the idea of central banks, who can create money at will, “investing” in the stock and bond markets via QE (Quantitative Easing), and making profits on money they created, and then sit on that money in reserves.

    It’s ALL FAKE.

    “This is the dilemma of all developed market central banks that have engaged in unconventional monetary policies. Since their actions have driven up the value of financial assets, it is hard to imagine that their exit will not reverse the surge in value given that economic fundamentals have not improved much, though the principal mandate of central banks is not to produce massive profits anyhow.

    “Central bank money has sloshed into financial markets far more than into the real economy and has driven down the value of currencies.”


    God help us when all this money finally does flood into the real economy.

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  • DT’s Digest for Monday, June 15, 2015

    ESCAPE FROM USA – ICE’s sex offender policies under scrutiny

    So, criminal illegal aliens, once having served their sentence here are sometimes (oftentimes?) rejected by their home country for deportation. Then we have to keep them here and release them into the population to commit heinous crimes again – rape, murder, torture – even though they are illegals? And sometimes they lose track of them? Are we becoming a dumping ground for the filth and scum of the world? That’s not what “bring me your tired, your wretched” meant, methinks. John Carpenter was right. WWSPD – What Would Snake Plissken Do? I think we all know. Bangkok rules, baby:

    YOU CAN’T NEGOTIATE WITH LEFTISTS – Greece, creditors dig in after debt talks founder

    So, Greece refuses to cut government wages and pensions even though they are much more generous than the other EU member states in return for debt forgiveness. And then “Germany’s EU commissioner said it was time to prepare for a ‘state of emergency’.”

    But not a “state of emergency” for the EU or the Euro, but for Greece: “‘We should work out an emergency plan because Greece would fall into a state of emergency,’ Germany’s EU commissioner Guenther Oettinger said. ‘Energy supplies, pay for police officials, medical supplies, and pharmaceutical products and much more’ needed to be ensured.”

    Kinda like how the white knights of the GOP are going to make sure that the people who voted for Obama, and thus ObamaCare, do not suffer when their healthcare subsidies stop in the event the Supreme Court strikes down the flawed law. WTF?

    Again, WWSPD?

    Plus, the commie leader of Greece Tsipras is meeting with Putin. Game of Thrones, baby.

    ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK – Mayor says town full, temporarily closed to outsiders

    The Jersey Shore apparently has already quarantined refugees from NYC, no blackouts, no zombies, just summertime fun. Imagine the flood of refugees out of No Go Zones when the shit hits the fan?

    WWSPD? Surf around that blockade, bitches.

    WHITE KNIGHT GOP TRAITORS – President Gets Weekend to Swing Democrats on Trade Deal (Video)

    It really sucks when I have to cheer for Nancy Pelosi. But, I suppose Obama will somehow sweeten the pot to bribe some Democrats into voting for the TAA with the treasonous Republicans. Again, WWSPD? “Get a new President.”

    It’s all about leverage.

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  • DT’s Digest for Thursday, June 11, 2015

    KEYNESIANS AT “THE ECONOMIST” FREAKING OUT – Watch out It is only a matter of time before the next recession strikes. The rich world is not ready

    Only one news story worthy of note today. When psychotic Keynesians start freaking out over the results of their “fixes,” and encourage more of the same, it is best to take notice. This entire article was SMFH, again and again and again. The basic message is “A recession is inevitable at least once a decade, and since central banks are already at next to zero percent to boost the economy and prevent deflation, and with the last recession occurring in 2008, they will have no wiggle room to respond to the next downturn.” Or something.

    Fucking duh, that’s what we’ve been saying all along regarding ZIRP.

    We’ll go through the article one frustrating quote at a time:

    “THE struggle has been long and arduous. But gazing across the battered economies of the rich world it is time to declare that the fight against financial chaos and deflation is won. In 2015, the IMF says, for the first time since 2007 every advanced economy will expand. Rich-world growth should exceed 2% for the first time since 2010 and America’s central bank is likely to raise its rock-bottom interest rates.”

    If winning means papering over the problem, okay. If every economy expanding means growth based on debt, government spending, and funny money, okay. If “raising interest rates” means even slightly above zero, okay, but I doubt it.

    “Few economies have ever gone as long as a decade without tipping into recession—America’s started growing in 2009. Sod’s law decrees that, sooner or later, policymakers will face another downturn. The danger is that, having used up their arsenal, governments and central banks will not have the ammunition to fight the next recession. Paradoxically, reducing that risk requires a willingness to keep policy looser for longer today.”

    Whenever “paradoxically” is used in defining problems and solutions, bullshit is soon to follow. This is basically “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” line of reasoning, with the flawed, accepted premise being the fucking government should meddle and artificially influence the economy in the first place.

    The good news comes mainly from America, which leads the rich-world pack. Its unexpected contraction in the first quarter looks like a blip, owing a lot to factors like the weather.”

    America, fuck yeah! The best of a bunch of bad alternatives. Yay! And of course, negative growth quarters are always unexpected, and always due to something other than the economy structurally fucking sucks, and has continually sucked since “The Great Recession” that is in truth the first stage of the larger “Greatest Depression.”

    “In other parts of the rich world things are also looking up. In the euro zone unemployment is falling and prices are rising again.”

    That great bogeyman Deflation. That hero Inflation. Only psychotic Keynesians believe that working people paying more for the same goods is a good thing.

    “Inevitably fragilities remain. Europe is deep in debt and dependent on exports. Japan cannot get inflation to take hold. Wage growth could quickly dent corporate earnings and valuations in America.”

    More psychotic Keynesian psychobabble. Since when is an economy producing and exporting things a bad thing? Since when is prices not increasing a bad thing? Since when is wage growth a bad thing? These are the people running world economies, and they do not have your best interests at heart. They see the world and reality from a completely different perspective than anything approaching goodness and righteousness.

    “Rarely have so many large economies been so ill-equipped to manage a recession, whatever its provenance, as our “wriggle-room” ranking makes clear. Rich countries’ average debt-to-GDP ratio has risen by about 50% since 2007. In Britain and Spain debt has more than doubled. Nobody knows where the ceiling is, but governments that want to splurge will have to win over jumpy electorates as well as nervous creditors. Countries with only tenuous access to bond markets, as in the euro zone’s periphery, may be unable to launch a big fiscal stimulus.”

    The cognitive dissonance in this paragraph is truly something to behold. The debt-based spending splurge undertaken since 2008 to combat the bogeyman deflation and stimulate the economy didn’t fucking work! And now they are worried that they don’t have any more to spend to fix the economy they never fixed when reality finally hits and their manipulations of data don’t work anymore. But they’ll try to “stimulate” again because it’s all they know and “no one knows where the ceiling is.” The economy was never fixed. The numbers showing improvement are manipulated. They are just papering over the problem.

    “Monetary policy is yet more cramped. The last time the Federal Reserve raised interest rates was in 2006… When central banks face their next recession, in other words, they risk having almost no room to boost their economies by cutting interest rates. That would make the next downturn even harder to escape.”

    We never “escaped” the last downturn. They never stopped the ZIRP monetary stimulus. Can’t they see that by now? This is why they want to outlaw cash, so that they can go negative on interest rates, and you’ll have to pay your bank to forcibly store your money for you.

    “The logical answer is to get back to normal as fast as possible. The sooner interest rates rise, the sooner central banks will regain the room to cut rates again when trouble comes along. The faster debts are cut, the easier it will be for governments to borrow to ward off disaster. Logical, but wrong.”

    So now the “right” answer is illogical? Beam me up, Scotty! Higher interest rates do not exist such that central banks have room to cut them when the next downturn hits. I don’t know what kind of logic that is, but it’s insane. Higher interest rates are a good idea because they prevent malinvestment. They attract monetary investment. They act as a store of wealth. They increase wealth if outpacing inflation. They encourage productivity. They discourage bad debt. But that would be too “logical” for these psychotic, soft-money Keynesians.

    But please, do tell us why raising rates would be logical but wrong.

    “Raising rates while wages are flat and inflation is well below the central bankers’ target risks pushing economies back to the brink of deflation and precipitating the very recession they seek to avoid… Better to wait until wage growth is entrenched and inflation is at least back to its target level. Inflation that is a little too high is a lot less dangerous for an economy than premature rate rises are.”

    The great, scary, evil bogeyman of Deflation again. You know, paying less for something is bad bad bad and must be avoided at all costs, even trillions and trillions of debt. Because, apparently, if it’s cheaper tomorrow than it is today, people will just wait forever to buy the things they need, just sitting there doing nothing and finally starving to death because they would save some money if they ate that cheeseburger tomorrow instead of today. Deflation: this is the single greatest reason for their madness, and yet they use deflation in such things as electronics and computers to fuck with their bogus target CPI inflation calculations.

    So, it is dangerous if a working family gets a little more interest on their savings in the bank and pays a little less at the grocery store with a “premature rate rise”? Much less dangerous to make fuckall on your savings at the bank and pay more for that cheeseburger. So we don’t starve to death. Or something.

    “Hawkish voices at the Fed argue that, with unemployment below 6% and hiring continuing at a torrid pace, it is plainly time to start raising interest rates. In this view, wages and prices are bound to pick up in future. Meanwhile excessively low rates are inflating asset prices and creating long-run financial risks. Those risks are real but manageable. Regulators have the ability to let the air out of asset prices by tightening rules on leverage and liquidity. An economy at full employment and with a healthy level of inflation will be better positioned to withstand a bout of financial instability than one that is flirting with deflation.

    Deflation goes “Mwah-ha-hah!” and the psychotic Keynesians wet themselves. To the “hawks” trying to bring some sanity to central bank interest rates: Low unemployment rates are a sham. The numbers are low because people have permanently left the workforce and are no longer looking. Labor force participation is at an all-time low. Hiring hot and heavy? What? Where? For part-time, low-wage jobs? For illegal immigrants given “temporary” work visas? But low rates indeed are inflating asset prices, in the stock and housing markets to name a few.

    That’s called INFLATION you psychotic Keynesian fuckwits, and likely not reflected in your bogus CPI inflation numbers. But that’s “manageable.” To whom? The rich can “manage” high asset prices very well, but what about a young family trying to buy a fucking starter home to raise the next generation? You know, the generation that is tasked with taking care of you all as you live it up at “The Villages,” go golfing every day, and ride off into the sunset (which is actually a mushroom cloud)?

    “Governments can also do their bit. There has still been shamefully little growth-boosting investment in infrastructure… Growth is better than austerity as a policy for bringing debts under control.”

    The great “Roads and Bridges” canard. Public infrastructure projects are Boondoggles. They are not good investments that spur economic growth and productivity. Government bureaucrats never want to fix crumbling roads, collapsing bridges, cracked sewer and water mains, a vulnerable electrical grid – they’d rather build expensive choo-choo trains, bike trails, and other feel-good nonsense. The projects they decide to build are economic sinks.

    Having fought off the effects of the financial crisis, governments and central banks are understandably eager to get back to normal. The way to achieve their goal is to allow the recovery to gather strength first.

    SMFH – Shake My Fucking Head.


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  • DT’s Digest for Wednesday, June 10, 2015

    NO, IT’S NOT – Let down by Obama, some black voters ask: Is it even worth backing Clinton?

    The headline is a bit misleading. Some blacks are wondering if voting is worthwhile at all, especially if they are standing under mulberry trees, apparently:

    “But as Motley and some friends sought shade recently under a mulberry tree and looked across the landscape of empty lots and abandoned houses that has persisted here, they wondered whether they would ever bother voting again.

    “’What was the point?’ asked Motley, 23, a grocery store clerk. ‘We made history, but I don’t see change.’

    “On Jacksonville’s north side and in other struggling urban neighborhoods across the country, where Barack Obama mobilized large numbers of new African American voters who were inspired partly by the emotional draw of his biography, high hopes have turned to frustration: Even a black president was unable to heal places still gripped by violence, drugs and joblessness.”

    EVEN a black president couldn’t fix your problems for you? You don’t say!

    THEY ARE WATCHING YOU – The Government Wants Names of Online Commenters Who Trashed the Silk Road Judge

    Reason.com has been targeted by the government. Big surprise. Fascists and commies cannot take a joke, albeit bad, so just make sure you’re a leftist if you want to make death threats.

    50 SHADES OF NARCISSISM – Fifty Shades of Grey screenwriter says film is ‘too painful’ to watch

    Geeks have George Lucas. “Liberated” women have EL James. The narcissism is strong with this one…

    THE FIRST DOMINO? – Greek Economy In “Doomsday” Tailspin: 59 Businesses, 613 Jobs Lost Each Day, Suppliers Demand Cash Up Front

    If Greece tells us anything, the socialists and commies will do everything and anything to keep paying government wages and pensions and to hell with the rest of the country.

    Also, this just in: Euro & Stocks Surge On Report Of German Compromise Over Greece Deal

    YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! – NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton says it’s hard to hire black cops because too many have criminal histories 

    Preach it!

    “’We have a significant population gap among African-American males because so many of them have spent time in jail and, as such, we can’t hire them,” Bratton said in an interview published Tuesday by The Guardian, a British newspaper with a New York bureau…

    “’That’s well known. It’s an unfortunate fact that in the male black population, a very significant percentage of them, more so than whites or other minority candidates, because of convictions, prison records, are never going to be hired by a police department. That’s a reality. That’s not a byproduct of stop-and-frisk,’ Bratton said.

    “He added that within black communities, some ’15 to 20% of black males have some type of criminal history and that’s an issue of great concern in the black community.'”

    And immediately the unicorn community starts farting rainbows:

    “’There are plenty of African-Americans who haven’t been to jail. It does seem a little insensitive to say that you can’t recruit because most of us are in jail. Where does he get that?’ said Rochelle Bilal, vice chairwoman of the National Black Police Association.

    “Vince Warren, executive director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, the law firm that successfully challenged the NYPD’s use of stop-and-frisk in federal court, said Bratton’s words defied logic.

    “’It’s definitely within the purview of the NYPD to fix this problem … Bratton has to deal with it and not throw up his hands and say, “We’re giving it the old college try.” The NYPD needs as much aggressiveness in trying to find good qualified black candidates as it puts into trying to exclude them through stop-and-frisk and broken-windows policing,’ said Warren.

    “The city’s public advocate, Letitia James, saw an opportunity to review policing policies.

    “’This is a teachable moment that affirms that broken windows policing destroys lives and opportunities,’ James said in a statement. ‘We need to enact policies that promote diversity for our police force and city as a whole.’”

    To which Bratton, channeling Jack Nicholson from “A Few Good Men” replied:

    “’These are facts and I always deal with facts,’ he said.”

    Slow clap.

    BUY THAT MAN A SCANTILY-CLAD WOMEN SHIRT! – Nobel scientist says women in science ‘fall in love’ and ‘cry’ in labs

    More you-can’t-handle-the-truthiness, and the legions of 50 Shades of Grey readers go ballistic.

    “Nobel prize winner Sir Tim Hunt has an issue with female scientists – they’re too distracting romantically and they cry when criticised…

    “’Let me tell you about my trouble with girls … three things happen when they are in the lab … You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticise them, they cry.’”

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  • DT’s Digest for Tuesday, June 09, 2015


    A No Go Zone can develop in as little as a decade, apparently. The ongoing invasion resulted in a Hispanic population growing from 5% in 2000 to 37% in 2010. Who the hell knows what it is now after Obama released the floodgates. This article details how educators dealt with the massive influx (because it is our duty and burden to help these people succeed, of course), but the comments section contained this nice piece of corroborating intel:

    Crime stats from Hazleton Pa.
    Murders in 2000/01 combined 1
    Murders in 2011/12 combined 7

    Rapes in 00/01= 12
    Rapes in 11/12= 30

    Robberies in 00/01= 24
    Robberies in 11/12= 84

    Assaults in 00/01= 42
    Assaults in 11/12= 110

    Isn’t diversity grand?

    Study examines city’s changes in immigration, education


    Here’s why: Drug resistant Tuberculosis. Apparently, those already infected with HIV are highly susceptible to contracting the disease (and then spreading it, I suppose). Or in other words, gays.

    Exclusive: Patient With Extreme Form of TB Sent to NIH


    Besides immigrants spreading drug resistant superbugs all over the world, apparently disinfecting wet wipes spread them to different surfaces. “This is how the world ends, this is how the world ends, this is how the world ends, not with a bang, but with open borders.”

    Superbugs ‘spread by hospital wet wipes’


    The Magic Kingdom shitcans what made it magical (and record-breaking profitable) and replaces them with immigrants. I’m sure we’re providing lucrative government welfare to these new “guest workers” too. I guess Disneyland is a No Go Zone now too. And Corporate America cries “MOAR MOAR MOAR!”

    Et Tu, Mickey Mouse? Disney Pads Record Profits by Replacing U.S. Workers with Cheaper H-1B Guestworkers


    Everything is a sham, including the constitutionally mandated “balanced budgets” of state governments. Paul Volcker, the last responsible Federal Reserve chairman who actually raised rates and saved the country in the process, has released a report detailing the “shenanigans” of state governments to produce allegedly balanced budgets and put off serious decisions regarding spending, programs and policy.

    The last bit is interesting: “The municipal bond market where states and local governments raise money does not fully reflect shoddy state budgeting, Mr Volcker said.

    “’There is a hidden agreement between issuer and buyer — neither has had an interest in exposing it,’ he said. ‘If we expose all of this stuff the hope is that spreads will appropriately widen.’”

    This is why you Go Galt and Get Out of The System (as much as you can). Everyone involved has a vested interest in keeping the sham going, in kicking the can down the road, because they all hope to get out while the getting’s good before everyone else. The more you have, the more you have to lose. Short-circuit that nonsense, get out now, and be free.

    Paul Volcker warns on health of US state finances


    “Court order to cease and desist? What court order? Nah, they don’t mean shit nowadays. I’ve got a pen and a phone.”

    Obama lawyers asked secret court to ignore public court’s decision on spying


    “’There are outcomes we can calculate – the number of newly insured families, the number of lives saved. And those numbers add up to success,’ Obama plans to say. ‘Then there are the outcomes that are harder to calculate – yes, in the tally of pain and tragedy and bankruptcies that have been averted, but also in the security of a parent who can afford to take her kid to the doctor. The dignity of a grandfather who can get the preventive care he needs. The freedom of an entrepreneur who can start a new venture. The joy of a wife who thought she’d never again take her husband’s hand and go for a walk in God’s creation.’”

    AT WHAT COST, you fucking piece of shit?!? We can “calculate” that too you fucking commie traitor, and do a little something called a “cost-benefit analysis,” and then maybe compare that number to other options out there that don’t have your precious name tattooed all over them.

    Apparently, untold billions (perhaps trillions, who knows?) in spending and opportunity cost is all worth it if some poor person (preferably brown-skinned) can go see a doctor for “free.”

    Obama makes moral case for preserving his healthcare law


    The freaks are going to destroy the planet in an attempt to save it from a problem that does not exist. Remember “Nuclear Winter”? That’s basically what they want to do to lower the earth’s temperature. Why don’t we just blow each other up and “save the earth” in the process? Win-win!

    “This is how the world ends, this is how the world ends, this is how the world ends, not with a bang, but with a deep freeze.”

    Scientists Are Coming Up With ‘Last Ditch’ Remedies for Climate Change


    Nice little essay over at The Hedge to get your head straight:

    If Your BS Detector Is Not Screaming, It’s Broken

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  • DT’s Digest for Monday, June 08, 2015


    Since the US Dollar is the best of a bunch of bad alternatives, Obama can swagger in and tell the Eurozone what to do as if he knows one goddamn thing about monetary policy and economics:

    “‘The President did not state that the strong dollar was a problem. He made a point that he has made previously a number of times: that global demand is too weak and that G7 countries need to use all policy instruments, including fiscal policy as well as structural reforms and monetary policy, to promote growth.'”

    In a race to the bottom, a strong dollar is a problem for exports. But this is Yahoo News we’re talking about here. In reading the comments sections, the morons seem to think that dogging on the “strong dollar” is equivalent to dogging on ‘Murica. SMFH (shake my fucking head).

    Obama ‘did not say strong dollar a problem’: US official


    The many and sundry government economic statistics are lies (unemployment rate, inflation, seasonal adjustments to GDP, etc.) so why shouldn’t private companies join in on the party too?

    “An analysis of results from 500 major companies by The Associated Press, based on data provided by S&P Capital IQ, a research firm, found that the gap between the “adjusted” profits that analysts cite and bottom-line earnings figures that companies are legally obliged to report, or net income, has widened dramatically over the past five years.”

    This whole economy is fake, and fueled with free money from the Federal Reserve.




    “’How is society going to cope with structural unemployment and the envy, hatred and the social warfare?’ he said. ‘We are destroying the middle classes at this stage and it will affect us. It’s unfair. So that’s what keeps me awake at night.’”

    Billionaire Cartier Owner Sees Wealth Gap Fueling Social Unrest


    I dare you to read this story and not get Hulk-level angry. Get out of No Go Zones ASAP.

    “Despite the horrors that have resulted from lax discipline in many urban schools, Sperry sees more of the same on the horizon.

    “’Unfortunately, (PEG) will only win more contracts as school districts scramble to meet the Obama administration’s new race-based discipline guidelines calling for restorative justice and other alternatives to suspensions,’ Sperry told EAGnews.

    “’If they don’t adopt the the kinds of programs promulgated by PEG, they risk losing millions in Education Department grants. They also risk discrimination and race-bias investigations and lawsuits filed by DOE’s Office for Civil Rights, which has been flexing its muscles like never before under this administration.

    “’Over the next few years, I fear that what PEG is doing will gradually become nationwide policy for public schools – and the consequences will be catastrophic, most acutely for those urban students who actually want to learn and graduate and go on to college without chaos in the classroom.’”

    And this gem from the CEO of PEG:

    “Meanwhile, we know that Glenn Singleton, founder and CEO of PEG, tends to excuse violent behavior committed by black students.

    “’White educators are prone to wondering why black and brown boys are prone to fighting in school,’ Singleton was quoted as saying by the American Thinker.

    “’They question why violence is taught in homes of color. Missing from this analysis however is how these boys might be affected by growing up in a white-governed country which threatens young men of color at will, distrusts their ability to succeed and follow the law, and allows daily racial stress to mount in neighborhoods, schools and classrooms.’”

    FUCK YOU, YOU RACIST PIECES OF SHIT! Who the fuck is “governing” the country right now? A fucking BLACK man!

    UPDATE: More school districts report chaos after ‘white privilege’ theory influences discipline rules

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  • DT’s Digest for Thursday, June 04, 2015


    Congress is using TPA to fast-track TTIP, TPP, and TISA, which is FUBAR and SNAFU all at the same, and I’m left going STFU and WTF.

    Leaked TISA Documents Reveal Privacy Threat


    The Federal Reserve is not going to raise interest rates. Ever.

    IMF: Fed should delay interest rate hike to 2016


    We all know who is number one, but this State’s Attorney “Bitch from Baltimore” really has some nerve. Just a disgusting piece of filth, doing all she can to keep those racial fires of strife and division stoked and burning.

    News Maryland Baltimore Crime Beat Mosby says she’ll seek order to block release of Freddie Gray autopsy report


    So, the mayor allows “room to riot” and it sparks a drug war. You know, all those stolen narcotics from that burning CVS Pharmacy among others, remember that? Fucking idiots, reap what you’ve sown. I gotta have more cowbell!

    Batts: Looted Drugs Fueling Deadly Turf Wars


    Leave it to the fucking retarded GOP to “temporarily extend” ObamaCare subsidies if the Supreme Court basically strikes down the law. Why should the GOP fix the mess Obama and the Democrats created? Why don’t they use leverage when it is given to them? Fucking cowards. I’m sure the “temporary extension” of ObamaCare subsidies will be like the “temporary extension” of unemployment insurance and the “temporary” Federal Reserve ZIRP.

    GOP open to extending ObamaCare subsidies


    Oh boy, he sure is “transforming America,” isn’t he? We are being invaded and overrun.

    3,700 illegal immigrant ‘Threat Level 1’ criminals released into U.S. by DHS

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