Debrief #143: Never Trust a Democrat

DT discusses returning to the job market, the Russian “hack” in its full context, Donna Brazile confessing she provided the Hillary Clinton Campaign with debate questions, the imminent “TrumpCare” Health Care vote, and So Popular Stories of the Week that for once provide some small amount of hope for the future!

Download Debrief #143 here.

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One Response to Debrief #143: Never Trust a Democrat

  1. Avatar miforest
    miforest says:

    Sorry to hear you are flustrated about their reach . your podcasts are very good, maybe you should try putting them on youtube.
    also sorry to hear you were taken in by donna brazile , she is like all the political hacks .
    the whole Russian hack meme is a cover for the agreement of the Bush/rove cabal that runs the GOP and the democratic party to
    impeach trump as soon as they can gin up the public support to keep the pleebes from revolting and keep them duped.
    Our only real hope is that there are operatives in the deep state and security apparatus who will not stand for it and will counter it with
    the truth. The public is still led around by the MSM.