4 Responses to Debrief #148: Wanna Cry Bitcoin?

  1. How come I can’t find it on my podcast app anymore? Had to change phones and a search turns up nothing. I’m using Pocket Casts and never had an issue before.

    • Avatar Don T Tread
      Don T Tread says:

      Hit the “Subscribe to Podcast RSS” menu button and you should be able to re-upload the podcast.

  2. Avatar miforest
    miforest says:

    excellent observations and analysis of the Bitcoin. I had never given it much thought . But thats because I am a Luddite without Facebook,twitter, and I carry a dumb phone.

  3. Avatar cloward piven
    cloward piven says:

    on the topic of infinite divisibility and gold: check out goldmoney.com it is the divisibility of bitcoin, with physical gold.

    I still prefer to hold physical, but for your $10 /wk example, it would be analogous to bitcoin’s infinite divisibility.