Debrief #149: Automation and GMI

In the “Rise of the Machines Trilogy” Part 2, DT discusses finally being officially informed that he did not get the government job, why he didn’t get it, the coming systemic paradigm shift of robots putting people out of work, why that necessitates GMI (Guaranteed Minimum Income) as a practical reality, and how GMI can be steered towards more liberty rather than slavery.

Download Debrief #149 here.

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2 Responses to Debrief #149: Automation and GMI

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I think the most important change that needs to happen before this is possible is in people’s attitudes towards people who are losing out to automation/outsourcing.

    The best example of this are millenials who, because we haven’t built a base of experience and skills yet, have been the hardest hit by this. I personally know a load of driven, hard working people whohave graduated with good degrees and have then had to take low end service jobs and live with parents.

    The reaction of people at the moment is either to turn the generation into a joke or to call them lazy, rather than look at the underlying economic situation and I wonder if it won’t be the same for this new middle aged ‘useless class’.

    The really scary thing though is what you’ve said about religion and ideology as a response to bad job prospects. Is it a coincidence that so many millenials have turned to Social Justice and the Alt Right and what happens to the culture as the amount of people without job prospects increases?

    • Avatar Don T Tread
      Don T Tread says:

      Spot on questions and analysis. The rise of “leftist religious fanaticism” is no coincidence.