Debrief #151: The Cucks in the Rye

DT discusses his kids nailing their Blues Brothers talent show song and dance, (no not that) Richard Spencer being nominated by Trump as Navy Secretary, (yes that) Richard Spencer white knighting for Tomi Lahren, the dangerous leftist logic of Spencer’s pro-abortion views, and the masculine instinct to protect babies and children.

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2 Responses to Debrief #151: The Cucks in the Rye

  1. Avatar miforest
    miforest says:

    There are huge problems in the country. I have personally watched my relatives in the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky go from family oriented faithful poor people to a total wreck , and I now live near a major urban area , where I saw the same thing happen here. there is only one common factor. Welfare. it absolutely destroys self erespect and family structure. My experience is that it destroys both colors.