Debrief #149: Automation and GMI


In the “Rise of the Machines Trilogy” Part 2, DT discusses finally being officially informed that he did not get the government job, why he didn’t get it, the coming systemic paradigm shift of robots putting people out of work, why that necessitates GMI (Guaranteed Minimum Income) as a practical reality, and how GMI can be steered towards more liberty rather than slavery.

Download Debrief #149 here.


  1. Hi DT, I continue to happily chip away at the mountain of BB podcasts I downloaded a few nights ago. Congrats to Elwood and Jake and the school talent show! I also am the Dad to two younger daughters, and, as you, am thrilled as they learn, grow and explore the world and become even [more] terrific kids.

    I have my own podcast, although it’s a faint star in comparison to the rendering and content of your shows – and I made the insolvent decision to draft to a very narrow audience – but still, it’s the podcast that led the league in 9th inning doubles in the month of May. I’ve been sending kudos to your podcasts during my shows. Brilliant work, DT!

    I listened again to your Singularity podcast and it prompted a recall of a staggering statistic from the NHTSA regarding deaths per vehicular accidents. For a typical day, 102 people perish in vehicular accidents in the United States. Of those deaths, 90% trace to an etiology of human error. Furthermore, vehicular crashes (overall) have an estimated $871 billion dollar economic and societal impact on U.S. Citizens (per NHTSA, 2014).

    So, a tremendous benefit of singularity and automated vehicles / transportation systems will be the preservation of 33,500 lives per year – and this probably means people that aren’t injured as the crash didn’t occur that would have otherwise produced the fatality. Wow! If we extrapolate the economic / societal impact per a similar deduced logic of 90% fewer crashes, we are looking at (in today’s dollars), a preservation of $783 billion. As a comparison, that’s roughly equivalent to the damage inflicted by natural disasters – aggregate of fire, earthquake, tornado, flooding and hurricane over a contemporary 2-3 year span in the U.S.

    Now, another perspective from a leftist lens – and I’m witnessing this logic be put to seed at this very moment. I recently centered a podcast to a school district 22 miles from Cleveland in which the superintendent opted to cancel the 8th grade class trip to Washington D.C. due to parents’ concerns that D.C. was simply too risky due to mass shootings and terrorism. I did the calculations and discovered that the probability of a student fatality in a D.C. class trip per terrorism was equal to the probability of death due to a bus accident (not an act of terror). Bothe figures were several times less likely than a kid being killed by a lightning strike.

    OK, I’m going to add another ingredient to this stew – peppercorn, what the hell? Right? Why did 500,000 people permit themselves to be evacuated from Lower Manhattan by boat on 9/11/01? Many argue social identity theory – and yeah, that was part of it. The main driving force was the transference dynamic. Here’s why. The typical person rescued by boat was 40 years old and worked in the financial sector. Examine the formative years of those people – the early 1980s: Reagan SDI, Space Shuttle (which Soviets thought was weaponized), pop culture of 1983 ABC movie of nuke attack on US by Russia (The Day After), Nena’s 99 Red Balloons and Stings’ I Hope the Russians Love Their Children, Too. And more – much more. From 1980-85, probably besting any other time in history (due to mass media), Americans in formative life status were inculcated to, without a blink, trust that the government needed a massive military to defend “them” from the Soviets. On 9/11/01, of the boats in the harbor, 40% were standard harbor tugs. A few were police / fire / Coast Guard and light military. Yet, once people along the sea walls of Battery Park saw the government boats, the transference dynamic, which is the subconscious, was activated “Trust the government fully to protect us during a time of attack”. And, the context was that the attack was still ongoing – a different narrative than Murrah just a few years earlier…

    So, I loop back. A slow leftist agenda is promoting virtual field trips for students. It’s political as a part of the sales pitch is that the virtual adventure won’t expose youth to the genuine dangers of D.C. And, I wonder just what the narrative will be for such “trips” – what the script will be – I mean, certainly government in an ornate frame. These things will be marketed and grant funded – we are about a year away from the first wave of these things – I know, I do industrial consulting – it’s on its way.

    Sure, make kids afraid of life. Fear and (pre)suasion are control tactics. In fact, Clarey was ahead of the curve in his book Reconnaissance Man (I wrote a 5 star review on Amazon) – as now Recon is categorized as “too risky” – unless it’s virtual recon with vanity and posturing. Aaron’s right (correct), but the left will burn his book. Of course, there will bias and shaping as far as the farthest pixel. What will the transference dynamic be for the 8th grader of today that encounters a “national threat event” in the dawn of singularity? Will the subconscious follow the leftist messages of the formative years? It could happen – and I don’t currently observe a checks-and-balances to this —

    Personally, free of a political skew, progression toward AI and possible universal basic income appears liberating. One must draw sense of agency and purpose from something other than working for someone else (or for the government), but hey, as you argued, the math makes UBI possible — we will either be free of government or beholden to it (more overtly than we are right now). The Matrix? Yeah, not my favorite trilogy, but did you see the lady in the red dress? And, why does Clarey record his podcasts in a shed, walls draped with mis-matched bath towels, in an outdoor area of ambient noise levels 5x that of his basement? Morpheus probably knows…Best,


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