1. DT, I recently discovered your podcasts and have been working my way through the archives. I found your analysis of singularity to be brilliantly constructed and to introduce a fresh perspective in the possibility that an advanced AI entity might explore space rather than opt to confine its knowledge source merely to Earth. Yep, have a good one – Rick and Morty! I also fully agree with your perspectives of Bitcoin being infinitely divisible and a Ponzi scheme. A few waves of ransom attacks on critical data sets of major corporations or government agencies will result in a powerful strike by the Feds to ban the “currency” – and once that happens, Bitcoin will crumble in days. Also, wouldn’t computer geeks just become better “miners” with machines that approach singularity – so, if singularity is projected to happen around 2040-45, the computers would be capable of mining all Bitcoin by that date – so the myth of the final harvest happening 120 years from now is not at all congruent with singularity. Yeah, I own THE LAST STARFIGHTER DVD. Loved that movie in ’84 along with War Games in ’83. Clarey is actively battling Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada in the greater WBL metro. Xur has evolved his quest from defeating the “frontier” to dominating salty podcast-based consulting across galaxies. He also has a better webcam than Cappy so it’s shaping up to be one hell of a fight. Thanks for the didactic journeys.


    1. Awesome comments. That made my day. Thanks for finding me. I might do a sequel to the “Rise of the Machines Trilogy” regarding AI leaving us to explore space. Been watching Science Channel and thinking nihilistically too much lately.


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