1. you need to cut the farmer some slack cows shit every day, and when your storage for it is full you have to put it on the field. this time of year, he was probably prepping the land after harvesting winter wheat , before plowing for the next crop. also the wind direction may no have been what the weatherman predicted before he put it down.

    I lost my pension in a corp bankruptcy. I got a small cash settlement because I wasn’t retired yet. so my sympathy is with your grandma, but not with the Illinois public retirees.


    1. well, I grew up on a farm , but that was before Big Ag . they are ” welfare queens” now. they ethanol mandate and the ag subsidies make it no lose now . They are also the worst of the open borders -free trade “conservatives” They want the cheap labor for farm labor and even more importantly for meat processing plants.


    2. He should know not to dump it right before a rain storm too. There’s no harvesting going on in MN right now – does winter wheat grow over the winter? – not here in MN. If farmers don’t seed right away in the spring there is no harvest because we have a short growing season. And the wind direction is almost always from the west in the summer here in MN. Many farmers truly don’t give a shit – it’s why they vote for Democrats here in MN and why they are called the “DFL” – Democrat Farm and Labor.

      Sorry to hear you lost your pension. I agree, I don’t care about Illinois.


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