1. Sadly its not insane. the Washington establishment has let the mask slip. There is no “representation” of the voters. the whole thing is a charade. Its both parties. Even I was shocked at the level of control and coordination.

    I have been involved in politics for 39 years. The main reveal in all of this is that the GOP establishment , led by the bush/rove group is out to destroy trump. Those of us who had worked for the liberty part of the GOP had see for years that the party hates us.

    look at the Rick Wilson, David brooks type of insider . they endorsed Hillary. The republicans control the house and senate, and it’s THEM that control what the is talked about in the congressional hearings. They are as responsible as CNN for keeping the Russiagate meme alive.

    The GOP establishment, the mainstream media, and the democratic party, the Washington bureaucracies, The “intelligence” and “justice ” communities . All working hand in hand in a clearly coordinated effort. They are all staying on the talking points. and on message.

    Those of us grass roots republicans have know that the GOP was corrupt for at least a decade. We have seen the insiders attack “tea party” republicans and drive them from office with bogus charges , of simply running a Stooge against them in the primary . The stooge would then outspend the sitting tea party guy by 50 to 1. They would ridiculous, patently false mud 24/7 for months on radio ads, tv ads, in mailings every single day , and with push polling.

    the Tea party guy that would have grass roots volunteers but would be buried in mud. An example of this is kerry bentivoulio, who was a popular congressman in a safe GOP district, in the house being replaced with insider millionaire dave trott.

    a great example of this is the 2014 Mississippi senate campaign . Thad cochran, an incumbent aging senator with obvious mental lapses was planning on retiring after many years in the senate. A TEA party conservative declared for office and was the runaway favorite to win the republican primary. here is the wikipedia write up : Haley barbour, longtime Washington GOP insider and power broker convinced cochrine to stay in the race and run again to keep the Tea party guy out.

    here is the Wikipedia write up on how it went down:

    “The United States Senate Republican primary election in Mississippi, 2014 took place on June 3, 2014. Incumbent Republican Senator Thad Cochran, who has served in the position since 1978, ran for re-election to a seventh term.[1] He is being challenged by State Senator Chris McDaniel, a Tea Party supporter, and Thomas Carey; for the Republican nomination. During the primary election, Senator Cochran and State Senator McDaniel received 49% and 49.5% of the vote respectively. Since no candidate received over 50%, there was a runoff to determine the Republican nominee on June 24, 2014.

    Cochran’s campaign invited Democrats to vote in the Republican primary and defeated McDaniel in the run-off election.[7][8] In addition, Cochran-affiliated super PACs used racially charged themes in their primary ads, particularly the super PAC “All Citizens for Mississippi”, which was funded(according to these F.E.C. filings)[9][10] by a super PAC affiliated with Former Governor Haley Barbour.[11] ”

    So don’t think any of this is “just happening”. Remember the ” puzzy grab” tape ? The person trump was talking to in that tape was billie Bush. George HW Bush’s nephew and W’s cousin. It was 11 years old. They had had it for that whole time , yet they didn’t release it until trump was too far ahead in the primary for Ted cruze to win. That meant they had made a decision not to release it when it would have let ted cruze win the nomination, so they were going to throw the race to Hillary once JEB! was eliminated.

    So there is really only one party. The Washington donors party. And Trump aint’ in it. They will probably eventually drive him out.


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