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  1. DT have you read “SJWs Always Lie” by Vox Day? I just finished it and the part about the difference between dialectic (instructional, fact-based) and rhetoric (emotional) speech types was very instructive. I’m still struggling to apply it but now I understand that people who use rhetoric just will not respond to dialectic no matter what.

    For example, I just had a conversation with a woman where I said I don’t want to use Google Chrome and she said “don’t believe everything you read” which I found insulting. I tried to explain how they fired James Damore, demonitized people from Youtube and even totally unpersoned Dr. Jordan Peterson, and all she said was “just keep suffering with Firefox, nvm.” So it’s like accepting the nature of people to avoid facts and the truth, I just have to accept it.

    I think you’re causing yourself unnecessary stress by reading these people’s emotional and fact-free statements and attempting to rebut them rather than accepting that there may be no reasoning with some people. It is good to deconstruct things for the audience that doesn’t understand how rhetoreticians (?) use emotion, bait and switch, and logical fallacies to attempt to sway people and avoid mentioning the facts they dislike.

    Great podcast, keep it up!


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