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  1. The violence was clearly and cleverly planned , by the liberals . When you look at the results , Who can say this isn’t exactly what antifa and the left wanted. You are right that trump has let ANTIFA run amok .

    Probably terry McAuliffe planned the whole thing. He is an old time democrat party operative .
    If you haven’t followed his career , you wouldn’t know he was the main dirty tricks guy for the Clintons .
    If anyone was harmed on behalf of bill and Hillary back in the day , it was on his orders.

    If you listen to the participant tales of the police action, it’s clear that they were In on the plan to do this .
    Also, spencer couldn’t be more clearly an agent of the left, and led his flowerers into this trap. Who hasn’t noticed the pattern these riots take? From the san Diego trump rally, Berkley riots, Chicago protests, and now this. the people of the right need to Quit getting baited into these traps.
    this is how this goes down.
    These riots are all the same. A right wing person(or plant) plans an event in a heavily democratic area. Antifa make plans to show up in numbers and beat everyone who shows up. The police(under the democratic police chief) say ” we will maintain order” . the democratic governor, mayor and political leaders , democrats all, say words about keeping calm. a judge gives everyone the ok to go ahead.
    The event arrives, and the police are there in huge numbers. the right wing people show up and police crowd control move them into a confined area. antifa , la Raza, and/or BLM thugs surround them.
    The police then give a ” Disperse ” order and start moving the right wing people out into the streets to be attacked by the left wing thugs. Men, women and girls are beaten.
    The huge line of police look on from a few feet away in detached amusement. They have a ” do not break rank” order. That order is used when using tactics that require coordinated action . to prevent them from becoming separated and disorganized. In this case it’s to prevent officers from following their conscience and intervening individually to stop the violence by the thugs that the democratic politicians want.
    The press then leads with ” right wing Violence at rally” Right wingers are hunted down and prosecuted for any and all acts of self defense.
    when are these people going to learn that you cannot meet in an area where the police are controlled by democrats? 80% Hillary vote there and you think that’s the place to have a rally?


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