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  1. nice podcast , I agree that the deal was necessary .

    The GOP establishment has fought trump on F-ing EVERYTHING!
    I cannot think of once when they have supported him in any effort.

    The republicans in congress refused to put the debt limit increase on the Harvey relief bill. Can they not see that the government shutdown DURING hurricane Irma and hurricane Harvey’s continuing recovery would produce
    Optics would be horrific .
    picture the newscasts breathlessly screaming ” devastation, destruction , and death in Florida while Trump lets people die by playing politics” as the children’s bodies are pulled from the water.
    He had no choice , when the GOP establishment wouldn’t help , he had to go to the democrats.

    when have the republicans ever used the debt ceiling to deliver anything?
    I listened to savage tonight and you would have thought trump had committed treason.

    The GOP is not stupid . they serve the interest of the donors who pay for their campaigns and hire them when they leave office.
    a few years back, I sent money to david brat’s campaign to primary the house GOP whip Eric cantor. He was successful, but after going out the door , cantor got a cushy wall street job with a reported salary of $3 mil a year .
    and an undisclosed ” signing bonus.” . here is a puff piece on how well he is doing now. https://www.washingtonian.com/2017/07/26/eric-cantor-republicans-obamacare-donald-trump/
    With this kind of reward for selling out the base, no wonder they don’t care what we think.
    Electing trump is just the latest for grass roots types to try to wrest some influence of the party back.


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