Debrief #177: The Last Scamfighter


DT discusses his Lakehome Hunting Adventure, the lessons learned about this overheated housing market, “taking advantage of these ultra-low interest rates before they pass you by,” a true dollar-for-dollar and value-for-value mortgage interest analysis and its surprising results, and how the “So Serious” GOP tax plan could potentially dramatically affect the housing market.

Listen to Debrief #177 here.


  1. Reminds me of my experience with the City Assessing Department. Bought my first house in 2014,. Two months after we move in, the Assessor’s office calls asking to do a site visit to “update their records”. Being a first time home buyer and never having dealt with the Assessment office, I agree. A month after the assessment we get a letter informing us that our property validation has been increased. Increased to the exact amount we paid for the property. Lesson learned the hard way.


    1. Huge lesson right there! I should’ve mentioned that, because all the houses we looked at had assessed valuations waaaaay below the asking price. Thanks for making a great point!


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