Debrief #178: Hey, Christmas! It’s Okay to Be White!


DT discusses the “Starkblast” that recently hit Minnesota, receiving an early Christmas gift of a tasty Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar from Mrs. DT, a weekend trip to the World’s Largest Free Christmas Lights Display and Swedish Julebyen Festival, and the so serious “It’s Okay to Be White” controversy sparked by “white supremacist” trolls. God Yul, soldiers!

Download Debrief #178 here.


  1. I do not understand at all your frustration the left will not ” be reasonable”. what part of the “the white left hate your guts with a burning genocidal unspeakable hate ” . I remember growing up in the late 60’s and early 70’s , listening to sly and the family stone and talking to people of all races who thought we were finally going to get along. African Americans mostly had families , jobs, names , and aspirations pretty much the same as we did.
    the most destructive weapon against society was deployed and it has ruined African American communities and my family home area , Appalachia .
    The liberal whites who deployed it are cultural Marxists . they will never give a damm about reason or arguments . They are solipsists who are driven by their own ideology, and view discussion as a work game to try to sway others to their ideology. To them the principals in a debate don’t matter only the words in the debate matter . and even then only for their power to evoke emotion. This is one reason liberal redefine words constantly.
    They know that people have a pavlovian response to word. THAT is their Goal , not reason or principals . Call someone a Nazi and others will reflexively dislike them. It seems like a weak philosophy , but they have used it to gain control of all the levers of power in this culture. Academia, Media, the arts, bureauacy, Education, and on and on.
    Watching this video is only a few minutes , but it lays bare what we are up against. It stops without saying where it will lead to eventually , but I think that’s clear .

    in 6 minutes , bereitbart lays it out here;
    he gives a little more detail here :

    So what is your plan? the alt right and the whit nationalist have identified the problems. their solutions are problematic, but have you ever thought about how your kids will be treated? Aaron cleary has no kids , he can enjoy the decline , and the use the S$W retirement plan, but you and I and lots of others who have kids had cannot think that way.


    1. I think all we can do is point out just what you have pointed out, teach our kids the truth, wait for the SHTF, and enjoy life. Most of this country is us. Let the cities burn, we don’t need them.


  2. Enjoyed your latest. However it seems like you use White Supremacist and White Nationalist somewhat interchangeably. They aren’t the same thing. You can believe in the concept of separate nations without believing that one race is necessarily superior, just that they are different and should stay separate. Malcolm Little was a firm believer in that, although most people know him as Malcolm X. He did not believe that whites and blacks could coexist in the same country. Other people who appear to believe in (blank) nationalism are the Japanese, the Mexicans (enshrined in their constitution), and just about every non-white country in the world.


    1. It’s sort of a distinction without a difference, I’ve heard it said before, and I get what you’re saying. I just think that if people don’t want to associate with the best and brightest of all races, or even just good people of all races, they are basically saying those races are inferior. If they said “all races suck equally and that’s why we can’t get along” I’d be with them, but that’s definitely not what they are saying at all.


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