1. glad the movie spoke to you . sounds like you have a much deeper background in understanding the series
    than most people. Movies are escapism at it’s finest. My kids are all grown now and I miss being able to do that with them. “I do not agree that the more fanatical the left get, the more fanatical the right gets.”. I think that the more fanatical the left gets, the more fanatical normal looks . by the way, I was lucky , when they assigned my kid their gender, all three turned out correct. Have you talked to yours yet to see if they feel that their assignment is accurate? you don’t want them to suffer along silently, so you should ask.

    happy new year.


    1. Good points. I would agree with the fact that the mainstream right looks more normal – but the fanatical left is driving the right crazy. It’s kind of tit for tat, and lots of good stuff gets caught in the crossfire.


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