1. I don’t want you to go but I totally understand. I am sorry for not sharing more, I unfortunately am forced to be a closeted Conservative due to this political climate. I appreciate all of the hard work and wish you the best! I identified with your views and vented a lot through listening to your show knowing there was someone else out there like me! My wife and I are track to retire super early and I appreciate many of the ideas and concepts you attempted to convey through the podcast.


  2. Your show made me look forward to every Friday/Saturday. Hashtag mmm the coffee’s good Hashtag let it burn.


  3. You want a comment? I’ll give you a comment!!!!

    Sad to see you hanging it up, but really I guess the question is why were you doing it in the first place? Clarey says it’s his own sort of therapy; I get the impression it was that way for you as well. But yeah these last few episodes it’s been obvious you’ve not been having as much fun as you did in the past. As you said, if it ain’t fun what’s the point?

    Love you long time, brother. 🙂


  4. DT!, the Debrief is my favorite podcast! It is the most accessibly articulated conservative thought I have access to. Like Shane, I am a closet conservative. We are the resistance.

    The Debrief is for a very very specific audience. Think of it like a luxury good. You are not marketing it to everybody, only those who have enough class and taste to appreciate it. That said, I can understand how time consuming creating and producing the podcast can be. I greatly appreciate the work you have done.


  5. I’m sorry to hear about your argument with the hot dog vendor. I’m also sorry to hear he had to piss that friendship away mudslinging over a damn movie. (He likes to hear himself talk and has to be right about everything.)
    I’m glad to hear that you’re not leaving entirely. If you feel it’s time to move to greener pastures, who am I to argue. I look forward to hearing those podcasts when you’re only doing it because you want to.
    After listening to this last podcast I’d like to offer a little bit of feedback.
    I think you might be giving up a little too easily regarding politics. While it is true that republicans are sitting on their ass Trump is making real progress. (Remember, he’s only been in office one year.) He managed to pull off that tax cut, and get rid of a bunch of regulations. He’s done more, but that’s all I can think of at the moment. (It’s New Year’s and I’m buzzed. Be patient with me. Lol.) We’re watching the media practically implode over Trump.
    You mentioned the polls in this podcast, but I don’t know why you’re even taking them seriously. (The polls also said Trump had no chance at becoming president.) I think living in a blue state is demoralizing you. I’m in a similar boat. I watched Virginia vote in Ralph Northram in November. (It made me want to vomit. I’ll be getting out of this state as soon as I can.)
    I think you’re right about not throwing your pearls before swine, and needing to take your own advice.
    You’ve spent a lot of time in this debrief complaining about society, and what society thinks is successful. But you keep missing the flip side. YOU SEE THE TRAPS FOR WHAT THEY ARE. All the idiots keep pissing away money and resources, living paycheck to paycheck buying shit they don’t need with money they don’t have. Let them be.
    As your catchphrase goes, “let it burn.” The people you’re complaining about throwing the country away are the same people that couldn’t survive anywhere else. It’s a self correcting system. They’re slowly weeding themselves out. Just because the country is entering decline doesn’t mean you are. If anything, you’ve been kicking ass. You have the self awareness to carve a little niche out for yourself. (You just have the misfortune of having to navigate around the plebs.)
    I hope your change in direction leads to a happier DT.
    Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks for the very kind words and encouragement. I hear you about Trump – my point is that if the Dems take over Congress, many of his accomplishments can be easily undone (reconciliation, shutting down the government, impeachment, etc.). Also, if the Dems take over Congress this year, Trump was not the start of a revolution but maybe just a flash in the pan. Glad to see soldiers turning my advice around and giving it right back to me!


  6. Aaron Clarey sent me here the other day with his link to your podcast and I really enjoyed your take and advice on achieving the position of FU. I was just getting into your podcast so thanks to Aaron’s link you have a new fan in me but if you decide to move on I understand.

    I imagine a lot of the reason you don’t get more shares is because a lot of people like to keep their political views private. I imagine you have more fans than you realize. That’s my 2 cents.

    Good luck,



  7. DT, I’ve appreciated the energy, humor and sincere professional due diligence that are instantly recognizable in your intellectually rigorous podcasts. Your episode on Bitcoin exceeded how the “currency” and societal attraction has been described in any other media I explored regarding the phenomenon. I have regularly listened to Aaron for a few years and have enjoyed your work as defending the rhetoric-free space that is thinly populated by Cappy and a few others. Talk about niche market, come visit The Safety Doc Podcast sometime – it will be just you, me, and a few of the keepers of the Jedi retirement island along with Luke and Chewy. I think we could all comfortable occupy that rock facing the sea. By the way, I graduated from UW-Superior (one of my degrees). My family and I vacation to Superior each year and I look forward to watching the 1000-foot freighters pass by Canal Park – the awe never ends. Also, nothing like a Huskies game at historic Wade Stadium – the PA guy has taken a few “sounders” from your playbook. Thanks for posting your archived shows and for your work as a podcaster seeking to contribute to the public knowledge base. Best to you – and for what it is worth, I’m not on FB or much social media beyond Twitter. I believe that you have a loyal audience – perhaps some of them have exited the Facebook fallacy and you are assigning a premium to the Likes, Shares and Comments when popularity is only one measure of, so-called, success. -2 here at the moment. Time to toss a few chunks of wood into the fireplace. Be well. David


  8. I’ve been listening since the first episode, through the dour hour, to the latest episodes. It’s easy to hear all the hard work you put in with the excellent production quality and great sounders. I owe you for the sounder that led me to the great works of Steel Panther. I would also agree that a lot of the audience aren’t the kind of people to be active, or even on, Facebook and maybe don’t want to support Apple and Itunes. You’ve brought up a lot of great information, philosophy, and a great take on current events. If there’s no fun in it anymore, I wouldn’t blame you for moving on to other things, but I would bet a lot more people appreciate all your hard work than you realize.


  9. Found you through aaron clarey a year ago, subscribed through Feedly. enjoyed the podcast a lot, good luck with your future plans.


  10. Really going to miss the Debrief. My wife and I found you as smart and insightful as Vox Day or Molyneux and more entertaining. All the best for you and your beautiful family.


  11. Hey DT, I listened from podcast to podcast and appreciated your input on various topics. I tried to get a coffee mug but it would’ve been $50CAD after shipping/exchange to my location. I loved putting “mhhhmmm the coffee tastes good” on my FB status and watching all my liberal friends like it.

    I always enjoyed hearing your articulate arguments and gave me greater insight to philosophy, politics and life as a young man. I do appreciate your podcasts and wish the best the your family.

    In want you to know that millenials do listen


  12. DT,

    I’m a Pocket Casts listener so you probably can’t track me. I bought a couple WWSPD coffee mugs (although it pissed me off when I discovered that my $40 purchase netted you $2) and my buddy and I really enjoy them (one was his Christmas present).

    I don’t like, share, etc, etc cause I generally don’t do that social media shit. I have a FB account (which I check for private messages from old friends and that’s about it) and don’t do any of the rest. I did mention you on my blog a couple times so there’s a couple people read about you there (LOL I also do my blog when I am motivated and mostly for therapy).

    I hope you’ll come back at some point as I enjoy many of your insights. I don’t agree with you on everything but who ever does. One thought I have had is fewer sound effects as for me, they just distract. I don’t need them and I know you’ve talked about the time they take to do. I was going to say Linux but then you mentioned it. Maybe you’re using the wrong version? You should check with the Great One as he seems to be a major computer geek and could probably help you out. I assume the Captain could put you guys in touch.

    A couple points you touched on. Hot Conservative Chicks. I can’t say I don’t enjoy looking at them, nice to know they are out there, but it doesn’t really affect my listening habits as I don’t do video. About 98% of my listening time is running, in the car, etc. I find it frustrating, in fact, when people switch to video as I don’t want to sit in front of my computer watching them talk, I want to listen to them. Even more when they don’t even have a live picture, just a screen shot of something (you listening Bechtloff?).

    Trump has done more than you give him credit for. Federal judges. Lot s of them. Regulations. You are right that the regulations can be reinstated but it gets harder when people are used to less. Ditto for taxes, immigration, etc. If he can make any progress then people start to adjust to “that’s the way it is” and push back when you try to take it away again. Remember, the swamp took fifty years to fill, it isn’t going to drain in one. It is depressing to think that the Ds might take both houses in the next election though, cause there will go any chance of actual legislative progress. Looks like the Rs might be making some moves coming up here so …

    Anyway, I’ll leave my phone tuned to your station and if you do come back, know that there will be at least one person listening.


  13. DT,

    I’ve been listening for 3+ years, and I got hooked on the hilarious DT and the Man Obama interviews. Despite that, I thought that the new DT solo show was better in a lot of ways. Your philosophy and commentary is interesting and unique. I found a lot of value in your shows, and your tweets have been great as well. I hope you stick around. If you don’t, write some books, you’d be a great author if you aren’t already.

    Thank you!


  14. Dude,

    I need this, but totally get it. Maybe consider a less frequent blog post or something.

    Would love to meet in real life one day.


    1. Still adjusting and reflecting on what to do next. It’s interesting that Facebook sent me an e-mail prodding me for money – their robots obviously saw that I stopped posting regularly. Maybe if they didn’t hide my shit I’d keep posting and maybe then they’d squeeze a few measly dollars out of me? Assholes. Thanks for the encouragement.


  15. Thanks for all the time and energy spent on the show over the years. I always found it entertaining. I think my favorite episodes were with the DT and The Man format. I guess I just enjoyed the feel, like I was hanging out with like-minded buddies.

    There does seem to be an analytics gap here. I understand the desire to run an anonymous podcast but it leads to somewhat of a dilemma. Due to the systems in place to rate/share/subscribe/whatever an audience generally have to establish their identity (with some being easier than others to create a spoof account). So you end up kind of asking them to ascribe their name to something you haven’t done yourself. Not trying to imply you’re being a hypocrite there just saying it’s a shitty system. I totally understand that no one wants put this much effort into something and not be able know it’s reaching people. Maybe there’s a tech/business opportunity in there somewhere. I’ll have to think on that.

    Anyway, thanks again and take care, DT.


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