Debrief Archive: Year 2014

Debrief #1: GOTS, Four Stages of Collapse, and Going Galt

Debrief #2: Crimea River and the IRS Hearing Circus

Debrief #3: Fishy Sanctions and Waived Mandates

Debrief #4: Crimea Part 3 and “We’re All Racists” with DT and The Man?

Debrief #5: Ukraine’s Princess Leia and Dastardly Deportation Statistics

Debrief #6: Zombies, Aliens, Putin and Chaplin

Debrief #7: Chaplin Redux, WWII, Petrodollar Demise and No Go Zones

Debrief #8: Detroit Update and Nevada Ranch Insanity

Debrief #8.5: Les Nessman’s Hog Futures Report

Debrief #9: Private Sector Jobs vs Government Check Stats and Circular Firing Squads

Debrief #9.5: Have We Lost the War Already?

Debrief #10: Cliven Bundy (NOT) a Racist, Glenn Beck a Fraud, Equality vs Equity

Debrief #11: Sterling Racist, Evil Tax Collectors, and the All Seeing Eye

Debrief #12: Turkeys, Wheel of Doom, and Game of Thrones

Debrief #13: BRIC Dedollarization, Jailbreak 36000, and Economic Cycles

Debrief #14: Memorial Day, Michelle Brownshirt Obama, Hood Disease, and Russia/China Gas Deal

Debrief #15: Israel Cashless, National Database, and Lightning Round

Debrief #16: Deserter Bergdahl, R Greater Than G, Negative Interest Rates and PUA Putin

Debrief #17: Lerner E-mails Lost, Iraq Wrecked, Impeachment and Sponsors!

Debrief #18: Iraq Falling, Fake Economy, Washington Colorless-skins, and More Sponsors!

Debrief #19: POTUS Visit, -2.9% Growth, Iraq Update, Alien Invasion, and More Sponsors!

Debrief #20: Independence Day Edition!

Debrief #21: Going Galt Cloward-Piven Style Revisited

Debrief #22: Cappy Croons, Chaos, BRIC Bank, and Unicorns

Debrief #23: Purity Tests, IRS Shenanigans, “USA” Chant Racist, and Awesomeness

Debrief #24: Impeachment Strategy Confirmed, 4% GDP Growth, Pro-Choice to Women’s Health, and Lightning Round

Debrief #25: 25th Week-a-versary Free For All Debrief!

Debrief #26: Ferguson Riots, Superstorm Lightning Round, and Extended POSPOTUS Visit

Debrief #27: Ferguson Goons, Misdiagnosed Economy, and Banana Republic Political Retribution

Debrief #28: The Dour Hour with Racist Alerts Aplenty!

Debrief #29: Labor Force Participation Rate, Climate Change, and Dealing with Leftists

Debrief #30: The War On Terror Edition

Debrief #31: Scotchy Scotch Vote, YouTubers, and Feel the Hate

Debrief #32: Paranoid Feminist Gold Bars AG Most Foul

Debrief #33: Super Duper Ebola Apocalyptic Spectacular

Debrief #34: Influencing the Influencers, The Great Panic, and Going Galt Again

Debrief #35: The Most Depressing Ebola Podcast in the Galaxy!

Debrief #36: NYC Ebola, Voting, Illegal Immigrant Felons, IRS Court Case, and Sounders Galore!

Debrief #37: Dead T and The Boogeyman Halloween Spooktacular!

Debrief #38: Silver Coins, Election Erection, and Gold Mine Given Away

Debrief #39: ITI Group Recap, Chinese Trekkie Convention, and Millennials

Debrief #40: POSPOTUS Executive Amnesty, Mmm Peach Mints, and Amazing Science Bowling Shirt!

Debrief #41: Racist Black Ferguson Friday Edition!

Debrief #41.5: Double D Non-Ferguson Extension

Debrief #42: The Heroes Have Arrived

Debrief #43: The Red Pill Hero’s Journey, MGTOW, MRA, and PUA

Debrief #44: The Villain’s Quest and Anti-Heroes

Debrief #45: Jesus Christ the Hero

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