Debrief Archive: Year 2015

Debrief #46: Happy Just Do it New Year’s Resolutions

Debrief #46.5: Post-Serenity Drunk Debrief

Debrief #47: Unite or Die, Oil Prices, Bankster Cromnibus, and Tolerance

Debrief #48: He-Man Woman Haters, m/GTOW, Commie Pope, Charlie Hebdo, and Swiss Central Bank

Debrief #49: CAE Covert Action, Jack Tomczak BS-Fest, Going Galt Squared, Nuno, and #UniteOrDie

Debrief #50: Super Bowl, Diversity Training, and Extended POSPOTUS News Hour

Debrief #51: MN Policy Blueprint (Baby!) – Education

Debrief #52: V-Day, Tea Party Party, and Strengthening Families Policy

Debrief #53: 50 Shades of Feminism, Tax Policy, and Hot Shot Sounders

Debrief #54: End of Year One Strategy Session

Debrief #55: Happy Birthday Debrief with Cappy and Jack Burton

Debrief #55.5: Happy Birthday Debrief Part 2

Debrief #56: Ice Cream, Iodine, Hillar-e-mails and Sexy Stories

Debrief #57: Aurora Solar Project Shenanigans, AWOL Allies, Sex-sex-sex-sex-sex-sex Stories and Creflo Dollar

Debrief #58: Wood Wars, #RaceTogether Game Show, BRIC Infrastructure Bank, and Landslide Jesus

Debrief #59: Colorado Intel, Gay Pizza, Middle East Chaos, and Bleeding Assholes

Debrief #59 Bonus

Debrief #60: Light Beer, Wine Tasting, Man Mead, Negative Bond Yields, and Freako Perverts

Debrief #61: Grilling Steaks, Let It Go, What Society Values, and Being the Best

Debrief #62: Earth Day, POSPOTUS Visit, Cappy Podcast Endorsements, and Radioactive Clintonian Cameltoe Corruption

Debrief #63: The Man’s Hellish Week and an “Honest Conversation About Race”

Debrief #63.5 Bonus: Popular Stories, More Baltimore, and Real Racism

Debrief #64: POSPOTUS Naked Podcast Day,, and Texas Terror Response

Debrief #65: Cappy’s Viral Take on Mad Max Fury Road, So Serious Economic Doom News, and Popular Fatties

Debrief #66: Guest Host Sergeant Jay and the Baltimore Crime Explosion

Debrief #66.5 Bonus: Bennifer Batman II Divorce and Tarantino Stories Slaughter

Debrief #67: Caitlyn Craziness, GOP White Knights, and Game of Thrones Mauling

Debrief #68: Debt Free, Good Debt vs. Bad Debt, and Transracialism

Debrief #69: Lovely Lesbian Wedding, Greek Bashing, and Blackface Royal Apocalyptic Sex Tape

Debrief #70: Liver Cleanse, Small Engine Repair, SCOTUSCare, and Space

Double Rainbow Debrief #71: The Black BriGAYde Trans-Homos Oh My, Chinese Crash, and So Popular Sanctuary Cities

Debrief #72: Batman Returns, Dangerous Toys, Paleo, Greece Bailed Out Again, and the Hilton-Rothschild Sith Wedding

Debrief #73: The Man is Back, POS Obama’s Race Reparations Database, and So Popular Racist Stories

Debrief #74: The Circlejerk of Life and Cecil the Lion

Debrief #75: RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper and the GOP Debate!

Debrief #76: Scotch and Circuses, Chuck Norris Approved 2016 Hype Hysteria, and Explosions!

Debrief #77: Waterpark Tube-pocalypse, Clinton Servergate and Ashley Madison Hack

Debrief #78: Gay Black Racist Bryce Williams, DOW Roller Coaster, and more Gay Black Racism

Debrief #79: Diet and Exercise, Debt, and Small Business

Debrief #80: #79 Debrief Debrief, Hero to Zero, Europe Migrant Crisis, and Jayhawk on Starship Enterprise Action!

Debrief #81: Future Classic Rock Radio, ZIRP Extended, and Bionic Penises!

Debrief #82: Sharing, Harvest, VW Emissions Scandal, and Satanic POS-Pope!

Debrief #83: Super Hot Shot, Boehner, Putin, and Obama’s Son the Oregon Killer

Debrief #84: Country Club Rs, Speaker Chaos, Big Balls and You’re Not Dead!

Debrief #85: Snake Punk Single, Alien Megastructure, Odom Bender and Kardashian Vigil

Debrief #86: Autumn Leaves, Just Words, and Poetical Popular Stories

Debrief #87: Happy Halloween, CNBC BS GOP Debate, and Death!

Debrief #88: A Snake Plissken Halloween, Coming Out Libertarian, and Scary Jessica Rabbit

Debrief #89: DT’s New Job, Cappy’s Tea Party Presentation, and U of Mizzou Madness

Debrief #90: DT’s Job Day One, City of Lights, and HIV Positive Tiger Blood

Debrief #91: Black Friday Special Edition

Debrief #92: A Wonderful Funeral, Muslim Killers, and Bear Rapists

Debrief #93: Control, Car Wars the Farce Awakens, and Rape

Debrief #94: Spoiling Star Wars, Christmas Movies, and Omnibus Bill Betrayal

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