It’s Over, Soldiers

Buckle Up, Hunker Down, Buck Up, Buckle Down.

Buckle Up – it certainly has been a bumpy ride of late, hasn’t it? Many times I have been tempted to record an “Emergency Debrief” podcast based on the crazy current events that just keep happening and happening; that just keep making things worse and worse. Here are the highlights/lowlights:

  • The Kavanaugh Hearings and Confirmation Battle – Democrats hit a new low in their quest to find rock bottom.
  • The Mass De-Platforming on the Internet – Trump’s allies are shut down one by one, with no help from Trump or the Republicans.
  • The 2018 Election Results – Proved the two-year onslaught by the Media worked on the Sheeple and therefore we will just see more of it.
  • The Steve King Condemnation – An obvious hit piece by the NYT portrayed the Congressman as a white-supremacist-racist-bigot-blah-blah-blah by using one wildly out of context quote out of a 56 minute interview, and not one Republican, not even Steve King himself, had his back.
  • The Covington Kids Condemnation – Democrats and the Media hit a new low yet again, proving there is no rock bottom, condemning children as white-supremacist-racist-bigot-blah-blah-blahs using a wildly out of context video, and no one had their back until additional video evidence proved the Media knowingly and willfully lied.
  • The Trump Cave – Following Roger Stone being SWAT teamed in an early morning raid, Trump caves to the Democrats and reopens government after the longest shutdown ever, and got nothing in return.

Steve King is still being condemned, even after he prostrated himself before the Democrats and even went so far as to vote to condemn himself. The Covington Kids are still being demonized and threatened with violence, even after the truth has come out. And Trump caving on the shutdown will not work – the Democrats will hold firm and not approve any wall funding, Pelosi may not even allow him his State of the Union Speech, Trump will not shut down the government again and will instead declare a national emergency, there will be an immediate lawsuit, it will not be fast-tracked to the Supreme Court, and a lower court will block his emergency declaration.

Unless Trump uses his executive authority and check on the courts and orders the military to build the wall anyway, which is his right, the court battle will last years, he will be voted out in 2020, and the wall will never get built.

The only way this works is if Trump, after being told by the judicial branch to not build the wall, tells the judicial branch to “enforce it.” That is his check and balance on the judiciary – they have no power to enforce their own rulings; that is the executive branch’s role and power. If Trump has the balls to do this, and starts building the wall no matter what, maybe it gets finished in time for him to lose in 2020. Maybe mobs of leftist democrats hit the streets, programmed and whipped-up by two years of relentlessly bigoted propaganda, to protest and burn their own cities down over Trump “behaving like a dictator,” full of righteous fury. Maybe Trump declares Martial Law in response to the chaos, and proceeds to do what actually needs to be done and rid the country of the traitorous scum that have infested every level of our government, top to bottom. Maybe he pulls a Cincinnatus, restores the Republic, and returns it to the people when the dust settles.

That’s the only way this works. But do you think that is actually going to happen?

The same process occurs if he moves against Hillary, Mueller, Comey, the FBI, etc. etc. etc. It ends in cities on fire and Martial Law having to be declared. It’s called “War Gaming.” Much smarter people than me have war-gamed this out, and it ends the same way every time. We truly are too far gone to fix this without massive violence and bloodshed. That first domino can not drop unless the person flicking it is willing to go all the way.

So it’s over, soldiers. Ol’ DT ended up being right from the start. The election of Trump did give me a little hope that it could still be turned around; that people would wake up. But we’re too far gone. The rot is too deep. No one has our back. Trump is done. And quite frankly, the American People are not worth it. They have shown their true colors, and they are not red, white and blue.

What Trump and the Republicans fail to realize is that it is almost impossible at this point to support them. We have fought really hard, endured abuse and condemnation and sometimes violence, lost friends, lost jobs, only to have Trump and the Republicans abandon us when we need their help; when we need them to have our backs. One by one, Trump’s allies are being taken down, and he does nothing to stop it. Why should we keep putting ourselves out there? It’s over. It’s time to wash our hands of it all and walk away. Sometimes the only way to win the game is not to play.

We are most certainly in the Hunker Down stage of the collapse. It’s time to retreat, dig in, build up our provisions, and wait this thing out. Trump’s election delayed the collapse. That’s all it did. It would be far better to let it collapse at this point than fight to keep it standing a couple more years. If Democrats don’t want a wall and want sanctuary cities, fine – stop enforcing the border and open it up and let them reap what they have sown. If Democrats can’t stand to have us just standing there, smiling, literally doing nothing, fine – stop engaging in commerce in their cities, cut them off from your money, charity, support, presence, everything. Retreat, surrender their hell-holes to them, and let them burn. The only reason they even exist is our economic productivity and taxes; the fact is we are the only ones that keep this country going. Build up your provisions, retreat to friendlier areas of like-minded people, and just stop fighting. You are fighting to keep them fighting against you. Stop stopping them from hitting themselves in the face. They cannot exist without us.

The only way you can strategically retreat is if you do so from a position of strength, with no leverage. That means no debts. You should work over the next two years to eliminate them entirely, build up your provisions, and move out of these leftist hellholes. It is only going to get worse. It is not going to get better. It’s over. It’s every man for himself at this point, and do you want to be living where you are outnumbered when it all collapses? Where they want to kill you for wearing a red hat, just standing there and smiling, and literally doing nothing?

It is time to stop pointing at this evil filth to prove how evilly filthy they are, again and again. The American People do not care. It’s over. We did our best. Our conscience is clear. It is time to start thinking strategically about how we can weather the storm and maybe even prosper in doing so. You are not responsible for what is about to happen to this country, but you are responsible for the safety of yourself, your family, your friends, and for people you decide are truly worth fighting for.

It’s time to just stop.

Hunker Down.


  1. DT we see eye to eye on this. It has been over for a long while. I would love for your podcast to return but I understand why it will not. I get infuriated listening, I can only imagine the toll it takes to create it.


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