1. Hi DT, I arrived here via a convoluted rout. Terence Popp sent me to Asshole Consulting, which brought me to Older Brother and your insightful commentary which brought me here. I mention this for a reason.

    When you stopped podcasting because of falling numbers you did not have the full data set. We throw a rock into the lake and it causes ripples, we only see those ripples, we do not see the effect of those ripples on others. If I now decide to get back to blogging regularly and sending forth my opinions due to in part listening to you, is it Popp, Clarey or you that caused that nudge ?

    If something I write or do causes someone else to post content of any kind and that attracts a large number of listeners/readers is that nudge mine, yours, Claries’s or Popp’s ?

    My best guess is it is an accumulation of everything, therefore the raw data of views/likes is inefficient at determining the outcome of your efforts.

    Keep talking and I will keep listening, is that a deal ?


    1. Deal. I think I talked about the butterfly effect in a podcast, but if I haven’t I should. Due to the probabilities of which sperm gets to the egg, and the timing of that, something as small as missing a traffic light can have a huge effect.


  2. finally tuned in, dig you on Clarey/Older Brother

    Looks like I have YET ANOTHER podcast to check on the weekends –



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