1. Excellent! Working from from a Daytona Beach condo this week, and this mp3 is just in time for my beach run.


  2. I’m happy for CA to be the example for everyone else of what not to do. Meanwhile my state of Florida is seeing record numbers of New Yorkers moving in and I fear they are gonna bring their politics with them. I agree with you about paying off the mortgage. All the spreadsheets in the world “proving” otherwise, doesn’t erase that awesome feeling of being debt free.


  3. Thank you, DT, for this magnificent episode. California’s problems cannot be addressed enough, so I’m happy that you provided an extended debrief about them. I’m also glad that you now interact a little more with the soldiers by reading more comments.

    To clarify what Discord is, this is basically a computer chat program designed for gamers. Due to its features to protect privacy, it’s become popular for people to use it to exchange NSFW content, including wrongthink politics.

    Question: Why does the YouTube version of a new Debrief episode post much later than on this site?



  4. Morning DT! Glad you rea dmy comment! (made my morning at 0445!)
    You missed the point of the seiza bench – meditation lets you “enjoy the decline” calmly instead of screaming and wailing (see what I did there) – the one i built is nice, and is actually better on my knees than my meditation cushion.

    I spread your good news with a buddy who is really still raging over his red pill dosage, i think the worst is almost over for him.

    Keep up the fight!


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