1. Some thoughts on Christmas. The action of gathering together as a family, sharing a good meal at the darkest time of the year and exchanging trinkets, predate Christ. The “Yule log” and the “Christmas Tree” are symbolically the same thing however the Yule Log was an actual log brought into the home to fuel the fire and the party would last as long as the fire burnt. These traditions are pagan/druid and when Christianity arrived and was codified they put new traditions and meanings on top of existing traditions in order to both remove the old beliefs and satisfy the converts by making them believe they had not lost their traditions completely.

    Want a better Christmas ? that is easy, go old school and concentrate on having a good time with your family, make presents a personal and affordable thing and enjoy the thought that after 21st December the days are becoming longer again. Recognise that Gods are in the air, land and water, they have no requirements for your money, no need to take attendance and do not need you to be in a certain building to communicate via a person that is not you. Any person that claims this is the case is a charlatan.

    If a God or Gods really did create this place, they got something right in nature. I have never observed a wild animal feel sorry for its self. The story about the Eagle’s only hunting when they are starving is akin to minimalism, im only doing what I must do today, I am only amassing what I need, that may be a way forward when compared to people consuming whatever is available.

    Thank you for the content and making me think !


  2. Hell what about the old and senile? When they say rude and racist shit? I remember when my grandmother was dying and as her health faded her filters went too. Not only did her language get coarser but she also started hallucinating saying there is a secret room under her bedroom and the staff goes down there at night to have orgies….


  3. It’s great to hear DT’s take on human nature, religion, and the general state of things. I sometimes wonder if certain things are axiomatic to human beings or if our basis of values is nothing but group harmony based on our time and place.

    DT, will you do livestreams eventually or do you prefer to hold for OPSEC reasons? Either way, I think you might like talking with author and YouTuber Andy Nowicki. If you’ve seen the film, maybe you two could discuss Joker. He’s done interesting commentary on it.

    Let it burn, and mmm, the coffee’s good.


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