1. Filthy democrats are truly the worst. Everywhere they go, they ruin the government they are elected to and waste tax payer money, and its purely naive people who vote these clowns in.


  2. To be clear, the Forty Two bit is my name. The 6×7 is six times seven which adds up to Forty Two. I put that on the end as Forty Two on its own was taken. I came to the conclusion that men were disposable, not a person, just a number around 2012, instead of a name I owned that fact and chose a part number instead of a name. I went for 42 as this is the ultimate answer to life the universe and everything in the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy books, not because I think I am that but if im picking a number im picking a good one……. I will probably comment on your actual content at a later date but when I heard you say you were curious I started typing and have not heard the whole stream yet, no need to read this one out or if you do feel free to edit it lol PS, I tweet your podcast every time and am back to hastening politicians, my latest complaint/insight is likely to be published on line. Thank you for making it clear opinions are valuable and should be aired in public


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