1. Hey DT, since the coffee tastes so good, I got to ask, what kind of coffee do you drink? Thanks for the podcast, \m/


  2. The medical term for a person suffering from a “toxic workplace” is Sick building syndrome. The causes can be the design and layout of the workplace or the attitudes and behaviour of colleagues which becomes more pronounced when the bad behaviour is coming from the top down. When we look at the state of modern architecture with everything becoming more bland and grey coupled with chemtrails meaning we are literally living under a dark cloud while the laimstream media blast leftest propaganda questioning if the demoralising of society is a lucky coincidence or a culmination of a wider plan is a valid position


  3. I’m listening Thanksgiving morning at 0430 hours. I find your podcast put my head in the right space to start cooking and then travelling. Thanks for all you do.


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