1. once the blood goes black there is no going back. If the USA is a zombie state the rest of the world is fucked. The beacon has been extinguished. From afar it looks like Trump is a good guy but even he has too many tentacles to fight off. The good that may come from all of this is it becomes clear how desperate the situation has became and violent rebirth is now the only option . If the USA can not achieve a peaceful reset, nowhere can.


  2. love your evolving relationship with the concept of god. being in healthcare god does not care, no matter how many prayers. god doesn’t do anything


  3. Wow You’ve been to RI! It was Great White at the Station night club in Warwick that burnt it down. A horribly sad story. You can see video of the fire online from start to finish from inside the club that night. It spread fast!


  4. Hey, DT, have you ever considered being on the Masculine Geek podcast? It’s a podcast on YouTube, that Aaron has mentioned before, it be cool to have you on there.


  5. My “let it all die” moment of the week.:

    Burleigh County OKs refugee resettlement after passionate testimony

    “Shirley Dykshoorn, vice president for senior and humanitarian services for Lutheran Social Services, said she doesn’t know how much refugee resettlement costs taxpayers.”

    “Each refugee in Bismarck receives a $1,175 one-time federal grant when they arrive”

    ” refugees receive funds through the state Department of Human Service’s Refugee Resettlement Program for eight months. A single-family household receives $335 monthly, an amount that is increased for multifamily households, depending on how large they are.”

    “Lutheran Social Services takes refugees to Burleigh County Social Services to enroll them to receive federal SNAP, or food stamp, benefits. If a refugee family has children, the organization enrolls them in Medicaid; if not, in the Sanford Health Plan.”

    “During fiscal 2017, there were 2,983 refugees in the state enrolled in traditional Medicaid, costing $14.4 million, according to a study by the state Legislature’s Human Services Committee.”

    “4,295 refugees enrolled in a supplemental nutrition assistance program, costing $5.6 million.”


  6. DT,

    You’ve created another sweet black pill with lucky episode #13. On Christianity, I don’t understand why people can take their faith so seriously. I guess I’ve been really out of touch, but must it really be so serious? Does Christian apologetics actually provide enough plausible claims that it’s reasonable to be a believer?

    In addition, it’s an interesting coincidence that you released this episode when you did. YouTubers Black Pilled, Thinking Ape (a.k.a. Stardusk), and Monday Chad Monday have all recently uploaded commentary centered around Black Pilled’s recent video “Nobody Will Remember Carl.” It’s hard to succinctly describe all the recent commotion about “Carl,” so I’ll just recommend you visit these channels. The main observation I have to share is that the viewer comments on these people’s videos, most of which I believe were written by younger men, seem far more doom and gloom compared to your idea of let it burn/let it die. I think it’s true that these channels’ subscribers tend to attract lonely, depressed men. But even after accounting for this, I wonder if today’s younger men are making any real progress in their lives, or if the state of things has become so forlorn for them that they despair of ever finding love and starting a family and all they can think about every single day is how to cope with life or how they’ll commit suicide.


    1. I saw that Carl video, sent to me by the Facebook friend that inspired Debrief #13. I don’t really dip my toe all that much into the Youtubing/Podcasting world, so I don’t really have a sense for where people are at – I know where I am at navigating this reality and dealing with it mentally and emotionally, and hopefully my honest assessments and conclusions add something and make people think. I will say that there is real freedom in taking the red pill and finally the black pill – dealing with and responding to reality as it is and not as we want it to be can be really fun and fulfilling (and ultimately effective and consequential). But it is really difficult to get there.


  7. I remember as a kid the dread I would feel at doing things like “giving speeches to an audience” or knowing I was gonna get jumped in a school yard fight. Now in my early 40’s, I look back now and laugh at how insignificant those moments really were, but the fight-or-flight emotions were still just as real at the time. I can only hope that after we die and go on to wherever, we will look back on what we see today as “horrors” and see how silly it all is. Or, there will be nothing after death in which case it is moot.

    I’m still loving your intros DT – thanks!


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