1. When I said the left has taken over everything I meant the Elites the that control the media, Academics, the corporate leaders, and the government bureaucracy. they have consolidated their grip on the country.
    I believe that they seem to have the same goals, outlook and beliefs . when my firs started college 10 years ago, Obama was still in support of marriage being one man and one woman . the professors taught hared left , but would occasionally allow dissent in class discussion. during my younger ones school year this year , if you are not enthusiastic about your contrition of your white privilege, you can be tossed from the campus. dissenting from the leftist dogma in class will get you disciplined for “triggering ” your classmates. you may also get a late night visit from the local Antifa. Youtube ,twitter ,Facebook will ban and deplatform you for any thing noncompliant and the conservatives do nothing to stop this . the propaganda is all designed to gin up hatred of a particular group. I will leave it to you to figure out who that might be.

    They have consolidated their power. And everything in their power is directed at sowing division and discord in society. Did you ever think drag queen story hour would be a widespread event , funded by government entities? https://pulpitandpen.org/2019/10/22/drag-queen-flashes-kids-during-library-storytime/

    This demonization has caused people to be afraid to interact , and so they retreat into their apt or home .
    When , I was putting up my Christmas decorations , I had the opportunity to look at traffic in my neighborhood.
    there was a constant buzz of usps, FedEx, amazon, and other package delivery service. they were then a crush of Grub hub, Dinner dash, and pizza deliveries . Then , I went in to watch some youtube vids. the ads that came up show the exercise machines with impossibly fit women and men exercising in their apartments with a “group” of insanely hot personal trainers telling them how good they are doing on their screen. the saddest one was a peletron ad with a young man and woman in glass walled apartments, opposite each other across the street working out with a group on the peletron screen , then going back into their own apartments.

    This all leads to extreme isolation leads to disfunction and despair.

    btw , the biggest winners in any war aren’t the arms dealers, Its the bankers who loan both sides the money to fight the war https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXk1Gw6XqJw. England is finally paying off their WW 1 debt. the gun and bomb companies from WW! have been gone for 80 years, but the bankers were still collecting interest until just a few years ago.


  2. I agree that our monetary system seems to be held together by duct tape and baling wire, but I think it’s foolish not to be investing in a 401k or other means of owning non-cash assets. Cash is easy to inflate away. Politicians and wealthy elites are aligned in their interest to keep the system going. I also think that if the system completely collapses, owning rare skills and equipment will be more valuable than owning gold and silver.


    1. I mostly agree. I think DT is excessively distrustful of the U.S. financial system and seemingly investing and finance in general. The system we have now may not be perfect, but it’s part of practical reality and inflation is a real danger. Long-term buying and holding is a strategy with a solid track record. Intangible things like stocks and bonds are genuine investments that ordinary people can, and in my opinion should, have in a diversified investment portfolio. The advent of low cost mutual and exchange-traded funds, such as those from Vanguard, makes it inexcusable not to invest in the underlying stocks and bonds if one has any money to invest at all. I don’t believe commodities such as gold and silver are actual investments because they can’t produce cash flow like stocks, bonds, or real estate can. However, commodities can still have a place in an investment portfolio for purposes of adding diversification. If DT very strongly prefers investing only in tangible things, then I’d think real estate, including real estate investment trusts and funds, would be the best compromise for him.

      On the scenario of a complete collapse of the financial system, I also think practical assets and skills would be the most valuable things to possess. One idea I don’t believe DT ever proferred is how quickly people would establish a new financial system in the event of a collapse. I’d think that our modern way of life is so reliant on such a system that if it breaks down, people would restore with the utmost priority not unlike how people would restore the power grid as soon as possible if all the power plants and lines were to explode into bits.


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