1. Gotta love the sound bite from Excalibur in the intro! If anyone reading hasn’t watched it you must. Although I like “Prepare for battle” part better. (link below). I am fairly certain Donald J Trump had a similar experience before he decided to become President as Arthur did in the “prepare for battle” scene.


  2. Hey DT, what do you think are some things that you think are better to be done in your 20s than in your 30s?


  3. Thank you for yet another episode, DT. Entertaining and on point as usual. This episode should’ve been titled “Never Trust a Millennial.” Can we please have more episodes about them? They seem like a very unusual group of people in history and it’d be great to hear your observations.

    Regarding Aaron’s first impression, when he says “give me your money” in your sounder, I guess he really means it and he’ll accomplish it by walking away from a bill. Toodles! lol.

    P.S. Have more occasional guests on the air if you can. Whether they’re Mrs. DT, Captain Capitalism, or Matt Baldoni.


  4. You mean to tell me, That I want to take a Region of the country entirely populated by Lobbyist and Swamp Crocodiles and give them MORE Representation in the Congress? Get the Fuck out of here..

    Great Job as always DT +


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