1. good show DT, sounds like you are channeling cappy’s book “curse of he high IQ” . It’s bee clear since rump got elected that the republicans are trying to sabotage him at every turn. from forcing him to use McCain’s backstabbing buddies as high level appointees in the whit house to blocking the wall.
    They control the senate and yet they didn’t vote to dismiss the impeachment hoax as soon as it got there . The rules in the house set by democrats limited wouldn’t allow the trump team to call witnesses , subpoena evidence any of the other due process that are required for defendants in any trial . that alone was enough justification to dismiss.
    the republicans are the smart party , not the stupid party. The work against their base because they are corrupt. They do the will of their donors , against the wishes and best interest of their voter base . They cover this up by pretending to be stupid .
    So when the GOP senate sets the time of the trump defense’s case for Saturday and Sunday , when NOBODY will be watching it on TV or news shows, the local conservative talkers rage about the ” stupid party ” making it harder for trump to get his story out there.

    My guess is they are going to drag this out while lies and leaks in the press damage trump’s chances for reelection. If he loses , JEB or Mitt can run in 2024 instead of 2028. Who knows, if they can damage him enough , they can force him to step aside and let Pence run this year.


  2. It’s been a long time since I read Nietzsche, or Fitzgerald for that matter, but the role of Nietzsche’s übermensch in F. Scott’s first novel This Side of Paradise is interesting to ponder. This is especially the case since our decadent society has much in common with the interwar years. Do you think an existential crisis will pull us out of our collective passivity for the immoral and depraved? Do you think we can refocus onto issues that matter, rather than skin color and genitals?


  3. In early 2020, America continues to be plagued by a host illnesses: atomization, disunion, depression, crime, poverty, unsecure borders, welfare fraud, hypersensitivity, absurd ideology, and of course, out of control democrats, neocons, and RINOs. That’s only the tip and soon corona virus might make the list. Now, which of these is America’s highest priority? Answer: none of the above. Because muh sportsball. Because muh Netflix. Because Kobe Bryant died. The more things change, the more they stay the same. With the way things are, it can’t be stated enough that society needs to feel severe pain and consequence before problems will be seriously addressed. People won’t learn until that happens just like a child doesn’t take fire seriously until he’s been burned. Let society burn.

    P.S. Do you still have loads of water, rice, and beans sealed and stocked in hunker bunker 2.0? No veggies? No meat?


  4. Hi DT,
    New soldier checking in. Currently listening as I study for my commercial pilot licence. I am 30 years old which would put me smack dab in the middle of the global scourge of parasites known as The Millennials. Or as I see it, the next up and coming demographic who are seemingly hell bent on the destruction of life as we know it. Shows such as the Black Brigade and Older Brother keep me focused on what needs to be done to counter such degeneracy. The content shared helps me fight back a little against the plague that my generation seems to be spreading more effectively than a Chinese bioweapon unit in Hubei Province. Keep the fires burning and the coffee hot, even if it is to be enjoyed from the safety of your hunker bunker.
    P.S-I believe in the last show you quoted an old line from a movie which read something like “Never trust a man who has a plane.” Hopefully overtime, I could perhaps dispel such sentiments. Besides, I would like to think a Cessna is a long way from a Kobe tier Sikorsky S-76. At least my plane can glide.


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