1. Las Vaginas acted in the Superbowl just to surreptitiously lure Los Penes from football (the real one which is played mainly with the foot) to such american rugby or better yet, Armball (played mainly with the arms).

    Stokoe told me so and both Shaky and Jenny confirmed it early this morning.


  2. Hey DT, you’ve mentioned before that you used to live over-seas. How much harder or easier, was it for you to land a job as an engineer overseas than it was in the states? \m/


  3. This might be worthy of an entire episode, but DT, could you provide your thoughts about the ethical, social, and practical considerations with regard to human sexuality? Some example questions:

    1.) Is it natural or healthy to for people to have sexual tastes other than normal vaginal sex between one man and one woman (i.e. is having kinks or fetishes an aberration or practically not a good thing to have)?

    2.) Is there such a thing as exploring your sexuality in a healthy manner? If so, do you think the line between doing this and being an outright degenerate is a very fine one?

    3.) Do you think it’s important for society to confine sexual media and activities behind closed doors rather than allowing them in public? If so, can you think of any problems with the latter other than public health and sanitation? Does showing sexually graphic, obscene material to society at large actually damage people?

    P.S. When will you have Chad Elkins on the show, and would you like Victoria’s Secret models to join the Black Brigade?


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