1. Dream Theater needs to work with DT to make a progressive metal album unapologetically opposed to progressivism. The first 10,000 purchases ship free with 1 pair of Menards sunglasses with a special Black Brigade design and logo.


  2. Your right. Most people do NOT have their shit together and can not be allowed to do what they want. But then doesn’t that justify the Lefts attempt for total control of peoples lives?

    Most people make bad decisions so they have to be controlled. Is this the lefts first steps in creating a two tiered society with the ruled and the rulers? And if that’s the case are they really wrong? Think of all the entitlement recipients… should they be allowed the same rights and privileges as productive members of society?

    As long we are on the ruling side and have the same rights as we do now who cares about the ignorant masses.


    1. I mostly agree. I don’t think you can have large scale human societies without a strong government that lays down the ground rules and has the means to effectively and efficiently enforce them. But ultimately, it seems to me that you can’t avoid the danger of people screwing things up. If decide to have no government, then I highly doubt the anarcho-capitalist’s ideal society would just come into being. I think it’s more likely that people become violent to enforce what they believe is right, like people group together not unlike gangs, and before you know it human groups fight one another and the last one standing becomes the new government. On the other hand, if we setup a very strong government that arranges the rights we want, such as a benevolent dictatorship, then we might have a great government for awhile, but how do you keep it running that way? The unfit dictator could come along at some point and screw everything up. Or maybe infighting happens somehow. The point is the benevolent dictatorship over time might just turn into an oppressive one. In any case, I think democracy is a no-go. Democracy is the god that failed because it doesn’t take into account how bad, how stupid, how irrational, and how emotional people can be throughout their lives.

      Let democracy burn and let DT be dictator of California.


  3. Hey DT, if you had more time on your hands, what skill would you like to learn or master? Could it be hunting? Fishing? Board Games? Anyways thanks for the podcast.


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