1. Future books by DT:

    Mmmm, The Coffee’s Good: Why Most Americans are Normies.

    Save the World by Letting It Burn.

    What Would Snake Plissken Do? – A Men’s Guide to Life.

    Don’t Do This, Book #1: Civil Engineering.


  2. Traditional/Conservative parenting is hard. It’s not just following what your parents and grandparents did. There is a new element were you have to constantly combat the negative influences whether it be TV/Movies, radio, internet, and the usual pop culture normie stuff. I’d like to hear more about how you do it DT.

    An example of the crazy world we live in ( Note: I live deep behind enemy lines in a Coastal Blue State)

    I have three kids and my oldest is about to start kindergarten. My wife goes to sign her up a month ago and there’s two questions in particular on the form:

    1: Child’s at gender at birth
    2: Child’s Preferred

    This is a normal question now. Were a 5 year old can pick genders but you have to be 21 to smoke or drink. The Absurdity! I don’t let my kids decide what is for dinner or else it would always be ice cream and candy. Anyone that has raised children can tell you that half the time they pretend to be dinosaurs or cats or something. Does that mean they can pick their species too?

    How do conservatives like us deal with a world like this? Avoidance, ignoring, moving or running doesn’t work. Soon there will be no where left to go. The only strategy is to fight back.

    I have taken the Donald J Trump Strategy, actually the New Yorker Strategy; were you fight every battle, even if you are wrong and you know it you fight anyway. You beat then through attrition and eventually no one wants to butt heads with you. They will learn any ground gained against you will cost them. Also it proves to your kids that you always stand up for them. They might get punished at home but against the world you by them.

    The price for this strategy can be high… alienation, hatred, mockery, exhaustion, financial costs, etc…, but you have to ask yourself. What is the most important thing in life? If it is not your family you are doing it wrong.

    It’s funny writing this reminds me of the speech by Winston Churchill ” We shall fight on the beaches” link below.

    Short good part



  3. Hey DT

    Thanks for the podcast. This week’s topic of using the word NO really resonated with me.
    In the last several years, I’ve become aware of my over willingness to assist others with the problems in their lives that were the obvious result of their own actions. I’ve often allowed other’s problems to become my own. These people would often take on too much or assume they were entitled to assistance from those that are more responsible than themselves.

    I’ve often questioned the role of a Christian upbringing and its teachings with respect to putting others before yourself, loving your neighbor, and so on. I think some of these messages, if followed by a naive individual can be very harmful to the religious adherent. What role do you think religion (particularly Christianity) has in creating a negative connotation with the word NO when it comes to helping or assisting others?


  4. One of the best Podcast you’ve done. This is a must listen for EVERYONE.

    Keep up the good work DT!


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