1. Jordan Peale is anti-White. His movies are all about anti-white narratives. What do you think “Hunters” is all about? Who are the “Nazis?” They are heretics who don’t step in line with anti-white narratives: Alt Right, MAGA supporters, Trumpians, GOPers, Libertarians, Conservatives and 2nd Amendment supporters are ALL Nazis in their eyes. That includes you, DT.

    Anti-white narratives like this one and the Hollywood “Hunter” movie coming out this spring are essentially giving permission for people to punch, attack, torture, destroy, and kill heretics.

    The war started a long time ago; porch sitting doesn’t work anymore. Moving isn’t good enough; there isn’t anywhere to hide. Even in the Black Hills: the meme pathogens are bombarding you and your family in the media and world around you. Prepare your mind, take the meme curatives and go free.


  2. The democrat party reminds me of the USSR in the 80’s. It was so big and seemingly unstoppable. And then all of a sudden it just sort of ended to our surprise. In 2016 the democrats seemed unstoppable too. Trump had no chance according the almost everyone. Then he won. To everyone’s surprise.

    It would be wonderful to see the democrats splinter into two groups; regular dems and socialist. That would real help out the republicans.


    1. It would be great and entertaining to see Democrat infighting reach fever pitch levels. However, the Republicans still need to clean their own house of neocons and spineless members. They very much need fighters like Tucker Carlson, Michelle Malkin, and Ann Coulter,. While these people might not be pro-freedom to the same degree as libertarians, it is, from a practical point of view, more important to win as much as possible so as to weaken the left than to devolve into pointless arguments about right-wing purity that don’t accomplish anything.


      1. ” pointless arguments about right-wing purity that don’t accomplish anything. ”

        Exactly what the dems are doing right now… though left-wing. The only thing better to see with this infighting would be Bernie gets the nomination then gets the WuFlu before the election and becomes permanently incapacitated, leaving them in a scramble.

        If you get “IT” be sure to cough on all the avocado toast you can. Do it for your country!


  3. 33:21-33:30 Greatest slip by DT ever. After I heard it, for some reason, I began to imagine what a pornographic film starring Aaron Clarey would be like. I think it would be scene after scene of Aaron meeting a woman, then both of them creating cheesy, sexually charged innuendo, and then Aaron abruptly yelling at her for being lazy, taking on debt for to earn a worthless college degree, repeating the same mistake via graduate school, and generally just screwing up in life. Aaron then puts his crotch in front of her face, unzips his pants, pulls out a miniature copy of one his books, slaps her in the face with it, and then loudly says “Here’s my product! Go buy my shit! Give me your fuckin’ money!” Aaron then zips his pants back up, says “Toodles!,” turns around and walks away.


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