1. The Black Brigade Debrief is the highlight of my week. So happy you decided to come back. Keep up the good work DT!


    1. I listened to this episode 3 times already. I wish DT would upload more often, but then there’s less time for him to live his awesome life in the Black Hills. Trade offs, trade offs.

      I wonder what DT thinks of living in a city vs. further out in the burbs or boonies.


  2. Interesting about your thoughts on the recession and gas prices. I remember vividly right before things got bad, getting fuel for the work van, and the tension in the air. You could almost feel it; like humidity.

    The gas stations just started making it so you had to prepay or use a credit card so there were no more drive offs. People counting change, trying different credit cards,, all jerked off they can’t pump and screw any more. That with the rising gas prices left me asking how much more can this last…. apparently it wasn’t long.


      1. Well yesterday I was filling up the generator and a gas can. The guy at the pump across from me couldn’t fit the last $1.00 he prepaid into his tank and he felt the need to put it in my gas can. So I guess everything is just peachy.

        But then again, it might just be the honor code among working men and that’s why he did it.


  3. Economics and finance have always interested me, so I’ve always loved the debriefs about them. This episode was no exception. It was entertaining, thought-provoking, and it was a pleasure as usual to hear the soldiers’ comments.

    56:47-57:13 DT’s voice change here reminded me of how Louis CK sounds sometimes when he tells a joke.

    On the stock market, I wouldn’t call the 10-15% decline we’ve seen so far a “crash.” At least to me, a crash should be a decline of at least around 20% within a week. The recent action seems more like volatility that we’ve seen numerous times already since post-Great Recession. It surprises me that people have such short memories, but then again maybe most people just haven’t paid that much enough attention to stock market movements. With the corona virus disrupting global supply chains, I think the markets will be volatile through the end of June and we may even see a mild recession by that time. Mid to long-term, I think the U.S. will continue to be on top of the (burning) world. For all its problems and faults, America somehow manages to be A-number-one. The big man. The duke of the universe.

    On the corona virus, I find the human reaction to it far more interesting and dangerous than the virus itself. The virus doesn’t seem to be much worse than the flu, yet people have become so fearful of it that they’ve imposed upon themselves quarantine and health check measures that disrupt business from being conducted, including ordinary commerce at marketplaces to obtain needed supplies and services. Did people even stop to think for 5 minutes how much worse life might be if supply lines were cut short or if they couldn’t work their jobs for an unknown period of time? No, of course not. As always, people give knee-jerk reactions to what they can immediately perceive and only feel regret in hindsight. Person is smart. People are stupid.


  4. Lots of people getting sacrificed to the DOW this morning. Reminds me of the dealer in Vegas Vacation, “Why don’t you give me half the money you were going to bet, we’ll go out back, I’ll kick you in the nuts and we’ll call it a day?”


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