1. Lol. Where I live it is nice and affluent. You know ;the kind of place the progressive liberals live and use high property taxes as a way to keep out diversity. It’s the surrounding area that is not so nice… ironically where I’m from and glad to be out of.

    But it’s not all bad in liberal coastal cities.

    Where else can you go bid a job for the local socialists, charge a weeks pay, work a half day and then they buy you a case of beer because they are so thankful.

    Or go to another job and the Brazilian roofing crew is blasting hits from the early 90’s and you are greeted in the morning with Seal’s hit “Crazy”?

    The stories go on and on DT.

    The comedy makes it worth while but deep down everyone the works knows they can’t stay here when they retire but while your here it sure is entertaining.


  2. I’m waiting for the phrase “shelter in place” to make an appearance.

    Maybe it’s always been like this, but I suspect the WW2 generation would handle this differently. When do you think being self-reliant went out of fashion?

    Many of the problems we’re seeing can be blamed on the boomers, but GenX and Millenials have seen enough natural disasters that they can’t be let off the hook for failing to understand the limits of government and taking responsibility for their own needs. Government has a role to ensure that the most vulnerable in society can be cared for, but not for those that had the opportunity and resources to do so, but simply chose to prioritize cheap plastic crap from China over tools, skills, and savings.

    The debate in the big liberal coastal city near where I live about wether to close the K-12 schools has little to do with the health risk posed by the wu-flu. A large portion of the student population receives two meals, health and other services from the schools. They’ve built a system fragile to shocks because they are unwillingly to confront the causes of social problems directly.


  3. The panic over the Wu-flu continues to make the days interesting. Just over this last week, I’ve been hearing increased reports of runs on stores and people actually fighting over toilet paper. DT, have you heard if anyone’s been beaten to death with a can of peaches over a can of peaches?

    Some lighter questions:

    1.) Which methods of cooking does DT use most often?

    2.) What are your favorite cuts of beef and how do you like your steak?


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