1. Best advice I was ever given about the stock market was this.

    “You buy into it when it is down, really down when people are afraid it’s the end, because If it doesn’t come back America won’t exist anymore and your money will be worthless.”

    This advice has been good for me. I don’t put in what I can’t afford to lose also.

    And I invest in all sort of things, property, silver, land in the middle of nowhere in case I have to start over and homestead, my own job, etc. It has done my well so far.


    1. Yes and yes. The most incredible times to buy assets are when there’s “blood in the streets.” Panic and hysteria can drive people so wild that they’re willing to sell good things at insensibly low prices and buy things at unjustifiably high prices (e.g. $100 per roll of 1 ply toilet paper). The hysteria over the Wu-flu is a time of opportunity, not just negative events.

      On the stock market, I’ll give DT some credit about not putting money into it on account of it possibly being a bubble. The Nikkei (Japanese stock index), for example, fell a great deal when Japan’s asset bubble popped and has never fully recovered. But that’s exactly where diversification and dollar cost averaging come in (much to DT’s chagrin).


    1. DT: “By the way, I can change the cover sheet on *any* TPS report there is.”

      HR dude bro: “You wanted 5 more days of time off, right? You got it. Now let’s continue…”


  2. 21:44 [DT on civil engineering] “It sucks cock! And nobody appreciates it. Nobody appreciates what it takes to keep society functioning.”

    Sucking cock, on the other hand, probably pays more than civil engineering, people do appreciate it, and it’s not something necessary (arguably) to keep society functioning.

    DT, if you could do it over, what are some things you would’ve done instead of civil engineering? I could imagine you as a materials scientist inventing the sturdiest cans of peaches ever known.

    Another just for fun question: DT, what are your thoughts on American whiskeys? Can you recommend any particular brands of bourbon or rye?


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