1. I think declaring your financial strategy as “winning” based on only 2 months of up vs. 10 years of losing is a little premature. You are also not factoring in dividend returns when comparing your “guaranteed” 4% returns with equity returns. But then again, insurance is not the same as investing either. And that’s not to say that I think you should change what you are doing. You do what works for you and helps you sleep at night.


  2. Well, DT I’ve had a few beers so if this is in coherent or garbled I’m sorry but here we go…

    So you invest in silver. I do too mostly junk silver I find in change … about 4lbs worth now. But to get your money out how do you sell it and how does that fit into a long term investment strategy? I’ve only sold some half dollars on ebay. Is that the way it’s done or are there other methods to recoup your cash?

    Now mixed thoughts on the podcast…

    The “red pill” community deserves your enmity. For one it’s a men’s movement named after a famous scene in the Matrix, which is written by two brothers who mutilated their genitals and are now sisters. That ironic enough for the whole group to be mocked. Second, that scene the ” red pill Blue pill” is basically Plato’s cave allegory and the group as a whole never touches on that or any deeper philosophy. It’s all cliches and one liners. Now the community is dwindling or non existent from the wave of demonetization which shows it’s was for profit. They lost ad revenue, books got taken down, then they had to resort to selling supplements ( Get your kratom here!), and finally they moved on to greener pastures (Found Jesus).

    Or maybe it was well intentioned and the group as a whole never matured and I am just cynical. The name and the group always kinda made me cringe; too juvenile . Especially when I heard adult men talking about it and using their jargon in real life.

    As for as the corona virus. Too much is unknown. I suspect/hope that as much as 4 to 40 times as many people are infected and have no serious symptoms, just cold like. This would mean the death rate is way lower. We won’t know the true toll until after this passes and the world can measure how many extra deaths we had during this period to find out how bad it was.

    The most dangerous part of it now is the herd, your right. The runs on food and toilet paper show how unprepared they are for hiccups in the system. But then the sheep have always been this way. Aesop went over this in his parables centuries ago. We, in the black brigade, are either the wolves or the sheep dogs; God or history will tell if we are evil or not… The people right now should be planting vegetables. It’s warming up and if the people are afraid of getting sick well then avoiding the supermarkets, by having some self sufficiency would be a good place to start. But as usual the idiots will not prepare, nor do they want to know. It’s like the underlying theme of the genesis books in the bible… The price for knowledge is the loss of innocence.

    Also They created the $15 minimum wage with the min $600 week unemployment in the bailout package. 600/40 = 15. They get it for free without having to look for work and they will expect it going foreword in the workplace.

    Time to raise your billing rates boys


    And load your magazines up all the way… fuck the springs.


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