Debrief #29: We’re All Gonna Die!!!

DT produces a shitty podcast because he dropped a 2×4 on his foot and he’s gonna die someday along with everyone else, where he reads almost all comments from soldiers (one was missed, apologies) and compares the returns of the DOW over the last ten years (including dividends) versus a shitty 4% guaranteed return account.

Download mp3 file here.


  1. dividends are set by the board of directors and are a fixed amount per share , paid out quarterly. If a company has a $ .60 dividend . They pay out .15 each quarter . If the share price were $12.00 then the dividend return should be 5%.
    The board can change the amount at any time depending on earnings. they can also suspend the dividend at any time without notice. as a shareholder you can have them send you a check for your dividend money , or they will by more stock with it and that is called ” re-investing the dividend” .


    1. That is what happens with whole life insurance. The dividends you would get from the insurance company buys more life insurance. Also DT, the 4% on your life insurance is an estimate. I highly recommend you get an updated dividend scale and see where it currently is. I say this because I sold life insurance and saw alot of people get burned when they were promised guaranteed returns by shady salesmen, and it didnt happen.


  2. I enjoyed this podcast! Thank you for bringing common sense to this subject. I took a break from listening to podcasts, but with Coronachan here, I have alot more free time.

    You should read Aquinas, if you want some hardcore theology.

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  3. Did I miss a podcast? When did this become Black Brigade Finance?

    Anyway I’ll keep it short since I’m tired.

    DT, What are your thoughts on investing in silver rounds vs coins. Rounds are about $15 a piece right now and coins are $25? I know the difference between the two but have no experience with either. I want to up my silver but I have never actual bought it out right.

    And as far as investing…

    …whether you invest in precious metals, stocks, real estate, or nude photos of Whoopi Goldberg; nothing compares to the investment you can make in your biological children (biological is important; I’ll explain if the class or DT really wants to know why). When you get old and feeble you will need someone who can and will look out for your best interests. You have to teach them by example which can be hard but it is your surest bet for your old age.

    p.s. your free form shows are good too. Not all of them need direction.

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    1. Rounds are cheaper since it isn’t as recognizable, and are more easily faked. Coins have the higher premium since its easier to sell, guaranteed to be actual silver, and costs more to buy from the mint. I recommend a mix of both, since you want to have as much ounces of silver as possible. Eagles and Maples are best for those new to buying silver.

      Where do you see $15 rounds? I will buy as many as you can if its accurate.


      1. Also has a free book by Mike Malony that talks about money and how to buy Gold and Silver.


  4. Hey DT

    Hope the foot is feeling better.
    You are way too hard on yourself calling that episode a “shitty podcast” . I would much rather listen to your topic matter than just about anything on TV or the radio. Some great discussions about dividends. I was doing some yardwork and listening to the podcast, it made for a great afternoon.

    Were you able to get the translation of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius that you mentioned you were looking for in a previous podcast?

    Thanks for the tip I will have to check this out.


  5. With each passing week, the beer virus induced lockdowns compound economic problems. Recently, each weekly jobless claims report has shown a larger number compared to the week before. In my own AO, I can confirm that some companies have already closed offices and cut both pay and employees. Since nobody knows how long the lockdowns might remain in effect, company managers are being protective of cash flow and are prepared to extend pay cuts and fire even more people as needed in order to protect their organizations at large. Some people think an economic depression worse than the Great Depression is about to come. I can believe it, but I think it’d be relatively short-lived and that a recovery spike will occur once the lockdowns are lifted. Short-term pain, long-term gain. Perchance the lockdowns continue for months with no end in sight, at least I’ll still have a Black Brigade ticket to the Let It Burn concert headlined by Irrational Chaos and Mass Hysteria.

    Now onto a social question: DT, what are your thoughts on people living with their parents? Do you think younger people who are able to should move out, at least for awhile, in order to experience a more independent adulthood, or is the idea of being independent overrated or even senseless in some ways?


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