Debrief #30: There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute

DT discusses “The Greatest Showman” P.T. Barnum and some interesting quotes attributed to him, the big lie advocated by Plato, how everything the Federal Reserve is doing is fake and nothing but the sickness of “Dollar Diarrhea,” and how philosophy should be the pursuit of reality and rejection of unreality.

Download mp3 file here.


  1. Great show, DT! The “biggest sucker” right now is anyone who thinks this coronavirus thing isn’t a hoax. As The Great One points out, the airports are still open and allowing any potential carrier to travel around the country freely. Not only that, but my state is under a “stay at home” order, and only “essential” businesses are allowed to open. Yet, here I am- working for a large, upscale clothing retailer’s distribution center, trying to ship $300 pants to stores that aren’t even open. Didn’t realize that was “essential”.

    Catch you next show.


  2. Hey DT, long time no comment, I was wondering if there are any movies that you recommend all young men should watch? Should I be surprised if you were to recommend Escape from New York lol. P.S every-time I think of your podcast I always assume that you look like Snake Plissken \m/


    1. Call DT Snake. lol.

      Movies young men should watch include, but are not limited to:

      Taxi Driver (1976)
      Fight Club
      St. Elmo’s Fire
      Requiem for a Dream
      We Were Soldiers
      Black Hawk Down
      Starship Troopers
      The Negotiator
      12 Monkeys
      Full Metal Jacket
      Apocalypse Now
      The Talented Mr. Ripley

      Some great shows young men should watch include, but are not limited to:

      The Sopranos
      Band of Brothers
      The Pacific
      Breaking Bad


    2. Some old WW2 movies:
      * The Guns of Navarone
      * The Bridge at Remagen
      * Where Eagles Dare
      * The Dirty Dozen


  3. DT, I also imagine that you look like Snake Plissken, due in no small part because of the avatar on your Twitter account. I also imagine that Mrs. DT looks like Adrienne Barbeau!

    DT, could you explain what monetizing the debt means? I know I can use google-fu to find the explanation, but I wanted to get a laymans definition from you. Is it similar to using the credit card of one account to make payments on the outstanding balance of another credit card account? I truly do not know.
    I also thought the “dropped lumber on foot” podcast was quite good.
    All the best. Jim


  4. In the last few podcasts some of the brigade have mentioned dividend paying stocks. I’m concerned that dividends won’t be declared for common stock. Maybe preferred stock is an option for people that want to be a part of this market unreality.

    My thesis for this Chinese virus shutdown is that we’ll start to see re-opening around the end of May, but it will be an individual and risk-based approach.

    The Fed’s intervention in the market, at such an unprecedented scale, is very troubling for anyone who expects markets to serve a price setting function. The market is up over the last few weeks, but it takes more and more FRNs to move the needle. It feels a lot like the period between Bear and Lehman.

    Will enough people exit this shut down with a changed outlook that it affects this fake market? Can the Fed effectively prop up the market for more than a few months? Does the SHTF closer to the election?


  5. Documentaries that moral and thinking people should watch are:
    Hotel Rwanda
    No Man’s Land

    Essentially, they all depict shitty circumstances the protagonists didn’t expect to endure.


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