1. Hey, DT. You asked for a follow-up on the distribution center where I work. As of Thursday, 4/9/20, I was furloughed due to lack of work. We’d only been running 1st shift on an abbreviated schedule (M/W/F) for the past two weeks, and 2nd shift along with several folks on 1st shift were furloughed at the same time I was. My company was generous enough to give everyone an additional 2 weeks of leave to cover the loss of work. Since I am a long-time employee, that brought my total to 7 weeks! Not that I ended up needing it.

    Insofar as clogging the supply chain- its been a disaster. We’ve had inbound trucks full of product come in, with no outbound to the stores (they’re closed). So, what we’ve been doing is taking shipments straight off the inbound trucks, and putting them back onto storage trailers to sit in the lot until such time as the stores reopen. At that point, we’ll pull those BACK up to the dock, unload the same stuff all over again, and THEN ship it out to our stores. Basically, we’re handling everything twice because all these orders of product were placed well in advance of the Kung Flu.

    I fully expect that, if/when the dam breaks, I’ll be called back in and will be working crazy overtime for a solid 2-3 months to catch up. We hadn’t even stocked our stores with spring/summer clothing by the time this happened, so they still have winter jackets and snow boots on the shelves.

    Sorry for the lengthy post, but the situation is a clusterf****. Great podcast. Catch you on the next.


  2. Hi, big fan of the podcast. I was wondering if you could go into a bit more detail of what we should do to prep for future disasters.

    I’m a millennial who just bought their first house right before all this pandemic stuff hit. I’m in a small town about 10 minutes outside of a somewhat large Canadian city so the location is pretty good.

    At this point I’ve got easily a month’s supply of food, several jugs of water and a pretty well stocked first aid kit. I’ve also got one of those little camping stoves that runs on little gas canisters. I’ve got a bunch of those stocked away too.

    What else should I be looking into getting?

    At the moment it’s just me and my wife. No kids yet but hopefully soon.

    Thanks in advance.


  3. Politicians should be shot, not hoops. Especially those that prevent you from buying vegetable seeds or forcefully keep your church closed.
    And if the politicians are in short supply, their goons, cops, are easier to find. Of course if you do that, then the odds of winning would not be in your favor. So it would be better to trap the pigs one at a time. That would relatively extend your life.
    Or if kill or be killed now doesn’t appeal to you, then it would be best to move to the most remote place you can and wait for a chance or for fortune to kill the enemy. Which may not come. Maybe the next generation will be willing to wait under the watchful eye of Big Brother for a chance to kill the enemy.


  4. DT’s Sunday funday in the Black Hills: Shootin’ hot hoops on each other’s driveways.

    On the ongoing lockdown situation, people are showing increased displeasure with the government’s restrictions. People in various states, including Texas, Michigan, and Ohio, have already staged protests and rallies in their respective state capitol to call on their governors to allow commerce again. Although it’s encouraging to see people take action to protect themselves from the government, I remain skeptical as to how much the people ultimately win in returning to normal life. If they only desire businesses to reopen and to return to work, then the government’s response may be to only loosen restrictions enough to allow this. Social distancing rules, requirements to wear masks almost anytime outside (some localities have passed such ordinances), and other restrictions could remain in effect. Additionally, companies may continue or even expand paranoid policies and procedures related to the beer virus. People, being the sheeple they truly are (seemingly most of the country accepted the initial lockdown measures without question), will accept this outcome. Over time, it becomes the new normal. Cynical me thinks people still need more pain before truly coming to grips with all the things wrong in our country (i.e. let it burn longer). Sanguine me looks forward to growing opposition against the lockdown, people winning bigly, and being able to walk into stores and establishments as usual once again.

    P.S. AO is an abbreviation for area of operations.


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