Debrief #32: Free Slaves Alone Together

DT discusses vindication on his #EscapefromMN and other filthy Democrat shithole states in light of the largely filthy Democrat governor stay-at-home orders across the nation, and the pathetic self-important narcissism on display during the “One World: Together at Home” celebrity fundraiser concert.

Download the mp3 file here.


  1. DT, l love the daily podcasts, but I just cant listen to them live because I have to work. Keep up the good work!


  2. A civil war and rioting will never happen in any western country as long as three things are maintained.

    Utilities for climate control (heat and especially A/C)
    Accessible high calorie food
    TV/Computer entertainment (especially porno)

    It satiates most humans base needs. No one is going to want to go into the woods during the heat of summer to fight a civil war. Most will say fuck it it’s not “that ” bad. They’d prefer to order a pizza and watch TV.

    I bet if any major city losses power over a hot weekend this summer and these quarantine rules are in effect it’s gonna be the L.A. riots all over again.

    Also a thought a prepping. It is only part about having “stuff”. Its about being self reliant. Being smart enough and capable enough to solve your problems and take care of your needs. When you rely on others you give them leverage over you. Remember, just because you have months worth of food doesn’t mean you are going to be able to keep it. Often times in “state of emergencies” were violence has broken out those in power will confiscate food that is beyond two weeks worth because it is a “military asset”. If you control the food you can control the fighting as well. Rebels gotta eat too.

    A though on blue shit hole cities….

    In Venezuela, the gov has been able to maintain law and order in the cities; starve them yes but maintain power. It’s the rural areas were the lawlessness is…. the rebels are there but also the roving gangs with no agendas. There will be people who murder, rape, and pillage just because. The country side or red states may be no safer than the blue states. In any case, you have to use your wits and hope luck is on your side.


  3. ljlyon, surprised to see you commenting on a new episode so soon. Always great to see your comments.

    It does seem to be true that Rome can burn as long as people have their bread and circuses. But if you can somehow inconvenience the normies, they’ll respond by demanding change as soon as possible.

    Being self-reliant is part of prepping, but it also depends on what your prep goals are. If you just want to weather a bad time that you expect will be temporary, then having a DT style hunker bunker with reinforced doors, mylar bags of food, barrels of water, and a family friendly armory can be adequate. But if you want something very survivor oriented that allows you to live indefinitely, then you may need to acquire far more know-how to setup a home that helps you produce your own food, utilities, etc.

    Not sure how comparable Venezuela is to the U.S. on the topic of safety in cities vs. rural areas, but point taken on staying sharp no matter where you are.

    As for blue vs. red (and purple?) cities, it’s always been a question of trade-offs to me. Poz cities like Seattle and San Francisco have industries and cultures that work better for some people and not so much for others. DT enjoys more freedom, more space, and perhaps better neighborhoods in the Black Hills than in Minnesota. But back in Minnesota, he’s probably closer to family, closer to Aaron Clarey, and able to make some more bucks preventing sewage from going into people’s homes. No place is completely perfect. The best you can do is try to find the place in which you’d be happiest settling, which I think boils down to knowing yourself (and your family if you have one) well.


    1. Yea the Venezuela thing i thought was interesting since it’s counter intuitive. But then again the guy from Syrian … Balls-a-la-ASSad did maintain control in his urban areas. It’s just interesting and God knows if it could apply here.

      A Covid-19 story: It likely already passed through the Lyon family.

      When the youngest was born end of December the middle child came down with cough, fever, headache, etc while Mrs Lyon and I were in the hospital delivering the youngest. All the symptoms were there and we were at a kids bday party earlier where all the kids and some adults got the same sickness. We all independently thought this is the likeliness case but were afraid of scaring the others…. only recently have we talked about it. Not one else in our home or grandparents home came down with any noticeable symptoms.. We are hoping we got it and were asymptomatic aka INVINCIBLE!

      AND with all these event the song “New Damage” by Soundgarden keeps replaying in my head…

      The wreck is going down get out before you drown


  4. Snake: Shut down the economy, they lose, you win. Shut down the CDC, you lose, they win. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Politician: So what are you going to do?

    Snake: Enjoy the decline.

    Politician: You send that tweet, life could return to normal. Businesses will reopen, people will return to work and live life again, all the while spreading a virus almost everyone has no chance of dying from. We’ll lose our crisis, our perfect chance to take over the country. We’ll have to try for impeachment all over again while chanting “Orange man bad!”

    Snake: *smirks and reaches for enter key*

    Politician: For God’s sake, don’t do it Snake!

    Snake: The name’s Plissken.

    *chirp chirp*


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