1. Great show, as always, DT. I did want to chime in on something I don’t hear many people talking about- the scientific method as it pertains to COVID. The scientific method states that you test a hypothesis, and if the data you get do not support that hypothesis, you create a new one and re-test. Then, taking the results you’re getting, determine if those results are accurate by testing against a control group.

    When COVID first hit the news in the US, the scientists-in-charge predicted anywhere from 1-2 million deaths, with tens of thousands of infected. And, as usual, once the data started to come in and said that we were likely, on the high end, to hit 80,000 , they flat-out refused to follow the data. Drs. Birx and Fauci haven’t altered their trajectory, or formulated new hypotheses based on the new data. They’ve stayed the course, acting as if there’s still high mortality & infection rates (the latter may be true, as upwards of 80% are asymptomatic).

    This begs the question- are those hysterical folks on the left now the real science deniers? We’re seeing this very vocal majority, especially blue state governors, wanting to prolong the shutdown even though the data are showing that COVID is not nearly as threatening as originally predicted. Do we, as right-thinking individuals (to steal your term) have just cause to chastise and belittle them as they do the so-called “climate science” deniers? To my eyes, the answer is yes- they’re not only denying the scientific method, but the results that are now readily available.

    Catch you next episode.


  2. The only thing I have to ask this nothingness is when is this going to end!

    I bet the top selling item this Christmas will be the new top of the line Coach hand sanitizers, gloves and face mask collection.


  3. This episode solidly hit on the repercussions of COVID-19. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    A few ideas if you’re still thinking of other names for the morning podcast:

    -The Black Brigade Reveille
    -What’s Burning Now? with DT
    -Excelsior Human Folly


  4. Off topic…

    I had a dream you did a podcast about Psilocybe cubensis. It’s been over 20 years since I was a teenager trying them.

    But the strange thing is ….

    How the fuck did I remember the latin name for a subspecies of magic mushrooms in my dream? A drug I tried twice and hated and haven’t though of in decades?!?!


  5. If you think the lock-down in the Black Hills is never ending, spare a thought for your New Zealand listener(s).

    Our left-wing government decided on the insane goal of “eliminating” the virus by virtually shutting our borders and confining almost all of the population to their homes. Admittedly it achieved an impressively low death toll, just 20 odd. It was cheered on by leftist media worldwide as a shining example.

    Unfortunately, the entire nation (small and highly dependent on both international tourism and trade) is now totally isolated until someone makes a vaccine. The economy is going to be in ruins. Of course, there is no guarantee there will ever be a vaccine and even if there it is years away.

    I’d trade lock-downs with you in an instant.

    All because politicians are too spineless to admit that yes, some people are going to die. We eliminated the visible deaths to COVID but the price is paid in unseen deaths. The people whose medical treatment or diagnosis was deferred. Or the money that wasn’t spent on healthcare because the economy tanked. Or the people who kill themselves because they lost a house or a business. The media won’t talk about them.


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