Debrief #34: Life’s a Beach

DT discusses the good news for right-thinking patriots and bad news for filthy Democrat deep state traitors this week, wonders whether anything good is going to result from it this time, and encourages soldiers to consider the reality and likelihood that nothing is going to happen… again.

Download mp3 file here.


  1. Hey, DT! I think you hit the nail on the head with your commentary about leaving blue/Democrat shithole states. The problem we’re running into here in NC (and in Texas and Florida) is that we have Leftists leaving blue states because they’re taxed to death, and can’t earn a decent living. So, they head to the red states that are more economically free (low tax, etc). The problem is, they’re still filthy Democrats, and continue to vote as such. Texas almost voted for Beto O’Rourke over Ted Cruz. What the hell, Texas!?

    Eventually, there’s going to be nowhere to go. North Carolina is getting what we call the “half-backs”- Northerners who buy property in Florida for the winter, and then spend their summers in milder NC weather. They get to vote here, and/or Florida, and they’re tipping the scales. No, I think you and Clarey have the right of it- “Let it burn” and “enjoy the the decline”.

    Catch you next “Coffee” show.


  2. I was thinking that the mark of the Beast would be required to visit the hospital or a government facility. It would be required to collect money from government. The mark would be the Bill Gates’ tattoo.

    But an even more dastardly attack would be to use all the data bought, borrowed, or stolen by the No Saintly Angles to divide the populis for receiving two types of vaccine for the COmmunist VIrus Disease; one that essentially is inert and the other that is a close copy of a vaccine against a different coronavirus and designed for a cat or other animal. Those vaccinated with the second type would be vulnerable, if infected by the virus, to a cytokine storm which could kill them.

    Caesar has taught tyrants that a one-size-fits-all approach to destroying the untermenschen doesn’t work so good. Divide and conquer works. So using various means to imprison, infect, bankrupt, bamboozle, deceive, destroy them will continue to be utilized. There sure is a lot of empty land to house virus refugees from the turd world in South Dakota. They can doo doo the hard work that the funemployment idiots don’t want to do, like pick, process, package, and deliver the food to the ubermenschen, useful idiots, and not those who want to be free. It is their lot to be free of the burden of obtaining more food.


  3. When you can’t change the facts you change the words.

    But if you’re good you can change the definition and the masses are non the wiser.

    “They” love to change the definitions of words. Equity used to mean what is just and fair. As in *I* killed the buffalo so *I* decided what to do with it. Justifiable because the hunter took all the risk. Now they have bastardized it to mean the inverse. Those suckling off others teats need to twist words in order to justify their suckling.

    I was on a government committee a while back and not to go into too much detail but there was a wooded area that was going to be developed. This area was previously farmland but was over grown for about 25-30 years. Some leftist wrote a letter opposing it but what got me was the word choices and stretching of definitions and reality. My favourite part was when she called the trees VOLUNTEER trees for nesting birds! It gave me pause…

    How the hell does a tree give consent or actively volunteer if it has no central nervous system? How would you know? Does she speak to trees?

    Are these trees really Ents like in the LOTR?

    These people are crazy and they say crazy things that sound nice so they can get that warm fuzzy feeling that rolls over their body… like alcohol when you first feel the effects. BUT like booze they forget the hang over that is to come from it tomorrow.


    1. Also DT the neighbor got tested for Covid 1984…. i mean 19… antibodies and came up negative so I’m assuming the middle child did not get it.


  4. 1:21:42 “It’s for the planet! It’s for the future! It’s for our children! Kill yourself!”

    This is almost a caricature of the left if it weren’t so close to the truth. Human life truly is secondary to them. They won’t allow you to build more housing to meet more demand from more people because of muh birds, muh trees, and muh community the way *they* want it. They won’t allow you to have guns to protect your family and property because you don’t “need” them and guns are bad, mmmkay? They’ll tax you to death because “it’s for the public good” and “you need to pay your fair share.” Everything is just onerous with leftists and they won’t stop any more than a terminator would in accomplishing its programmed mission.


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