1. About volunteer trees.
    You learn something knew every day. I’m glad I didn’t mock the letter in front of everyone and just thought about it. It’s like Pee-Wee Herman used to say ” It’s better to be silent and appear stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” … or maybe it was Macho Man Randy Savage who said that….

    This is the revenge of the english majors. Listening to you read that…. It hurt my brain. It’s all nonsense. They string words together to give people feelings. It’s similar to how TV shows of quickened the pace and increase the scene switching. The image flashing and faster progress of shows entertains but also leaves more confusion. Watch a show from 20 to 30 years again it will seem slow.

    The pace of all things seem to be increasing but many humans don’t have the CPU power to keep up or are so drugged out and numb they can’t.

    And all those warm and feely words about making the world better…. we all know the writer does not live up to them… ANY of them.


  2. You are right DT, on the manosphere being like the rednecks driving in the mud. It’s tiring to think red pill is about women all the time, and the fact that they have no new ideas and keep regurgitating the same ones is boring and dull. I stopped listening to clarey because he repeats himself all the time, and it’s dull.
    For the Tradcons, they are like Neo, trying to reset the cycle to patriarchy. Once they Actually take the black pill (they took the red pill only), they will stop that, and either go away or jump into the abyss.


  3. Some thoughts in no particular order:

    The Debrief reboot has reached its first multi-part show. Achievement unlocked.

    Listening to the Debrief and Your Wake Up Call makes time pass by far too quickly. Verily, the roaring 20s has come for the Black Brigade.

    It’s ok to watch Andy Nowicki’s YouTube videos.


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