1. I hope you live long enough to have your grandchildren watch video of what is happening in Minneapolis and thank you for moving the family.



  2. Race Realist… Race Realist! That’s Bad think!!!

    DT your old enough to remember Doom when it came out in the early 90’s. When I came out you needed a 386 computer, 20mb of hard drive space and an incredible 8mb of RAM! It’s amazing to see how far computing has come in those 30 years.

    Which brings me to this…

    Are you worried about the increase in tech and search engines ability? The future likely will allow people to search voice and sound there by demasking you with some video you did in college or an interview you may have done on TV?! I’m sure big tech has pilot programs and I’d bet large governments already can and do do it. But soon the average person will have that ability.

    Then the Nazis will forever label you a racist… It’s what deters me from podcasting… hell even blogging!

    The steps you have to go through to remain anonymous in the age of Never Forgotten.


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