Your Wake Up Call with DT – Freedom and Schadenfreude Friday 12/18/2020

DT discusses the news of the week with a “whaddya gonna do about it?” and “point and laugh” attitude while enjoying his morning cup of coffee (or tea, or beer, or whiskey). Happy Freedom and Schadenfreude Friday!

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#BlackPill #PositiveNihilism #Schadenfreude


  1. Hey DT, let me ask you, how important do you think it is for all young men to look into the abyss? And is there any advice you have on being able to crawl out of it? Thanks \m/


    1. You eventually step up to the abyss in your truth-seeking. You don’t crawl out of it, you go into it hoping there is something on the other side, but there may be nothing.


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