The Will to Power Hour Episode #41 – Machiavelli’s The Prince: Virtues and Vices (Part II)

Thus Spake DT as he discusses ancient and modern philosophy to better understand and navigate our current reality, all while enjoying his coffee (or tea, or beer, or whiskey). Mmm, the Coffee’s Good!

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  1. I wish you’d lay off christianity, DT. It actually supports many of you’re opinions:

    Man is a fallen and corruptible being. God killed 99.99% of them in a flood FFS.

    If someone (or organization or state) trespasses against you and won’t be reasoned with you’re justified in ostricizing them.

    Jesus called out lawyers and the church as being pieces of shit. He actually beat on the money changers.

    Jesus said he’d help 10 people and only one would come back and say thank you (which is the same ratio of “likes” on an average youtube video, btw.).

    People do bad things to other people and God gets the blame. It’s misdirected.

    That being said, I’m really enjoying the philosophy commentaries. Take care.

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    1. Fair enough point. But there’s weak, bad, useless people everywhere, just as many in the church as outside the church in my experience. I’ve literally had people tell me in response to not supporting the Right monetarily like the Left does: “I’m more interested in saving souls than in saving the country, so I give my money to the church.” Jesus coming back is THE excuse for a lot of people to do absolutely nothing.


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