The Will to Power Hour Episode #51 – The Wisdom of King Solomon

Thus Spake DT as he discusses ancient and modern philosophy to better understand and navigate our current reality, all while enjoying his coffee (or tea, or beer, or whiskey). Mmm, the Coffee’s Good!

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#BlackPill #PositiveNihilism #Philosophy


  1. Definitely garbage day.

    Sportsball yay! Watch the jingling keys in my hand, normies. Fuck BLM flag football. Even before covid the concussion avoidant pussy-footing ruined the game.

    This too may not pass, but at least we will.


    1. Agreed. I was there for Superman Brady. I think it was his knee injury that started all the pussy rules. You could really see how the NFL is trying to secure new younger fans, but it isn’t working.


      1. Yeah, nothing against Brady. Kudos in fact. I’m just done with the NFL virtue signaling in addition to these players going through the motions. I watched a quarter of the K.C. superbowl last year at a restaurant (when that was still possible) and it might as well have been flag football. Dissapointing.
        UFC >NFL

        The downside of pants wearing mommies coddling their precious childrens is that there’s going to be a real shortage of athletes and warriors. People get what they want and deserve in the end, I suppose.


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