The Will to Power Hour Episode #52 – The Wisdom of King Solomon (Part II)

Thus Spake DT as he discusses ancient and modern philosophy to better understand and navigate our current reality, all while enjoying his coffee (or tea, or beer, or whiskey). Mmm, the Coffee’s Good!

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#BlackPill #PositiveNihilism #Philosophy

1 Comment

  1. Note how Solomon said that men are LIKE beasts, not men ARE beasts and this isn’t a particularly a pround observation.
    Man is half animal and half spirit.
    The 23rd Psalm describes God as man’s shepard “leading us beside the still waters” and “your rod and staff comfort me” (tools of a shepard). There’s no contradiction, and yes, Jesus was immaculately conceived.

    Of course nihilism is collapsed idealism, so I understand DT’s rage and that underneath it is hurt. It’s not good for you though.

    I think ‘ol DT is showing his issues on this study. Pretty obnoxious. Good thing he ignores these comments. This is the black pill that really turns people off.


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