The Will to Power Hour Episode #66 – Nietzsche on Nihilism (Part IX)

Thus Spake DT as he discusses ancient and modern philosophy to better understand and navigate our current reality, all while enjoying his coffee (or tea, or beer, or whiskey). Mmm, the Coffee’s Good!

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#BlackPill #PositiveNihilism #Philosophy


  1. Fear not DT. Microsoft and such can only track you if you use there software and they can track your CPU to an IP or email. We all must work on your internet tradecraft. Linux is the way to go. Unfortunately people like windows and apple because it is easy. God forbid they learn how to actually do something themselves. The problem has always been the laziness of humans.

    Check out distrowatch DOT org for all kinds of linux operating systems. All free and you can load them on a usb drive to try them out before you install. This is a must for all self reliant people.


    1. I tried that one time and I couldn’t get it to work. The instructions aren’t for quasi-idiots like me. I’ve still got my hard drive partitioned and my Linux usb is somewhere.


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